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MG209 E-Business Essay Specifications

商业essay代写 Electronic copies will be submitted via the course Moodle site. This assignment contributes 100% of the final mark for the course.

Individual Research Essay  商业essay代写

 Consider a current problem or opportunity concerning E-Business within a particular context. Using an appropriate theory or conceptual framework, critically evaluate an organisation’s (or industry’s) response to the problem or opportunity. This can be a B2C (or C2C) operation or a B2B/public sector operation.


Essays must be on a topic relevant to the syllabus of MG209 and should normally be based on theories and perspectives that are discussed in the course lectures/seminars and classes. Once you have selected your topic, you must submit the title and a brief outline (500 words), including the problem/opportunity, context, proposed theory or conceptual framework and some key references, to Moodle by 12th March 2021 for approval and feedback.


The essay is due by Tuesday 22nd April 2021.

It is limited to 2500 words, excluding the list of references. We expect essays to be based on current e-business debates, projects and initiatives, drawing mostly from academic literature and based on secondary sources. Primary empirical research is not required and will not be assessed. A full bibliography is required, and referencing should be done in Harvard style (see departmental guidelines and procedures for essays and reports).


This essay is an individual assignment which is intended to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the current state of the art. While you may choose to discuss your work with other people to ensure that you have understood it properly you may not collaborate with other people when it comes to preparing the detail of the assignment and drafting your essay. You may not share, with any other student, any graphics, text or data files that form part of your assignment. You are advised to pay particular attention to the way you reference other people’s ideas in your essay.


The essay must be word processed and any graphics, images etc. should be prepared using suitable drawing packages. Part of the assessment will be based on the presentation of the report.


Components  商业essay代写


  • This section should introduce the subject of the essay and specify the nature of the


problem or opportunity which is discussed. The problem (or opportunity) should be both interesting and relevant to the overall syllabus of MG209.


  • You must consider a particular organisation (or industry) and describe how the problem or opportunity is related to that

Literature review

  • You need to set the problem (or opportunity) within the specific literature. From this review a clearer understanding of the issues should emerge, often from a gap or conflict in the

Theory/Conceptual framework

  • Whatever topic you choose, there must be a section that describes the theory/conceptual framework chosen. You should justify your choice (with reference to the problem) and operationalise the theory/framework.

Discussion  商业essay代写

  • Here you should discuss fully the case you have presented in the light of the theoretical framework you have described in the previous section. This should refer to the actors (and their strategies etc.) involved in the context. You should make a reasoned argument but it should not be too one-sided and you must discuss any disadvantages and


  • In this final section you need to explain ‘what this all means’ and what lessons you draw from the topic you researched. You might also want to explore the contrast of what you expected to emerge from the research and what you actually found - the strengths and weaknesses of the combination of theory, context and research issue. Here you can also mention any limitations of the analysis. Remember that conclusions are important and will often make the difference between an OK and a good essay - take the time to make them substantial and


Electronic copies will be submitted via the course Moodle site. This assignment contributes 100% of the final mark for the course.


Students must keep a backup copy of the assignment (either on disk or on paper) should it be required by the examiners. There have been occasions in the past where the submitted copies of essays were lost and those students who did not have a suitable backup had significant problems.


No extensions will be given for this work unless a compelling case is made in writing and after consideration by the examinations board chair. The penalties for late submission are severe.

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