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 Reflection Essay


report代写 Of the guideposts in which the writer is elaborately describing about the place and environment of the performance..

It is a reflective summary

Of the guideposts in which the writer is elaborately describing about the place and environment of the performance. It is an indispensable factor that if the actor is given a chance to choose his own place .  Of performance then he can deliver the best performance. Moreover,

it is also essential that the place should be real life place so that there will be less investment in the making of the set. It is not only the place that matters but also the feelings and emotions which are attached to it.

If the things or environment of the set is contrary to what is the demand of the character then it will not only less relevant but also the performance of the actor will be compromised.

译文:这是一个反思总结  report代写

作者在其中详细描述表演地点和环境的路标。 如果给演员一个选择自己位置的机会,这是一个不可或缺的因素。 表现那么他可以提供最好的表现。 而且, 同样重要的是,这个地方应该是现实生活中的地方,这样就可以减少制作布景的投资。 重要的不仅是地点,还有与之相关的感觉和情感。 如果场景中的事物或环境与角色的要求相反,那么它不仅会降低相关性,而且演员的表演也会受到影响。


It is an evident fact that feelings are important to play any character.

To explain this fact the writer has added certain examples which emphasize more on the importance of location. The examples which have been used in it are the golden boy which is by clifford Odets in which a love scene is portrayed. The other is the example of Secret Scene by Elimer Rice.

In both the examples the significant emphasis was on the emotions of the actor and the level of resemblance the location was able to create.The next section is about the game playing and role playing.  It refers to play any character which can make an impact o the society. It is not associated with any negative factor in fact it is essential that there should be no insincerity in the play.

It is also essential that in each and every scene the actor is constantly asking him again and again that whether he is doing justice with the character or not.  He should be confirmed of what is the expectation and what he is portraying in the role. It is also necessary to determine that games are very much near to the reality.

In the scenes each and every scene is meaningful and similarly there is certain game attached to it. It is essential to note that there should e no deviation of the characters from the main purpose of the play. To achieve this there is a need of sincere gaming which only shows reality. Since every situation has certain games so the rules must be followed in playing nay game.

译文:很明显,感情对于扮演任何角色都很重要。  report代写

为了解释这个事实,作者添加了一些例子,更加强调了位置的重要性。其中使用的例子是克利福德·奥德茨的金童,其中描绘了爱情场景。另一个是 Elimer Rice 的 Secret Scene 的例子。




Furthermore there is an example to explain the concept of gaming more appropriately

Next section is about the mystery and secret which is actually one of the difficult topics to understand. That is why it is stated as mysterious because of its nature. It Is the quality of a good actor to have the qualities of mystery in him.

It is a common fact that no matter how much we now about the other person there will be certain factors which will be hidden and the only way is to ponder over that. It also remains unexplainable even if it is being opened many times.

Then there is an example by Lillian Hellman ‘The Children’s Hour’ in which a final scene is being displayed in which Karen’s fiancé has left her. In this scene the writer has tried the best  . To explain certain emotions and feelings which remain hidden even when there have been explanations.

This scene also depicts certain mystery which is evaluated by making certain questions. It is stated in the end that every individual is curious to know about the secrets . Of the other people which is making everyone over mysterious. It is suggested that the actor needs to add this mysterious nature .  In his acting which is in real life of almost all the individuals.

译文:此外,还有一个例子可以更恰当地解释游戏的概念  report代写



然后是莉莲·赫尔曼 (Lillian Hellman) 的“儿童时光”(The Children's Hour) 的一个例子,其中展示了凯伦的未婚夫离开她的最后一幕。在这一幕中,编剧已经尽力了。解释某些即使有解释但仍然隐藏的情绪和感受。



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