医疗保健代写 艰难市场中的儿科医院依靠增长以改进精益流程



医疗保健代写 The case study highlights the manner in which Akron Children’s Hospital (ACH), was able to implement a system of lean management


The case study highlights the manner in which Akron Children’s Hospital (ACH), was able to implement a system of lean management even when faced with intense competition from two other larger hospitals. The success of ACH can be attributed to the top management’s approach to not only make the processes smoother. But at the same time helping the patients received better services that are centered around providing them optimal care.

In order to become a high reliability organization, KAIZEN was conducted at different stages of the hospital’s process and services being offered. A major focus was brought forward by the management on continuous process improvement along with providing trainings to increase the skill set of the organizations’ employees. It is very important to not only hire the right people with the relevant skills. But also to ensure that they keep evolving as well.


该案例研究强调了阿克伦儿童医院 (ACH) 即使面临来自另外两家大型医院的激烈竞争,也能够实施精益管理系统的方式。 ACH 的成功可归因于高层管理人员的方法,不仅使流程更顺畅。 但与此同时,帮助患者获得更好的服务,这些服务以向他们提供最佳护理为中心。

为了成为一个高可靠性的组织,KAIZEN 在医院流程和所提供服务的不同阶段进行。 管理层提出了一个主要重点是持续改进流程,同时提供培训以提高组织员工的技能。 不仅要雇用具有相关技能的合适人员,这一点非常重要。 但也要确保它们也在不断发展。

ACH employed this approach in order to develop into a high reliability organization.

Not only was its focus on providing trainings to its staff, but also on making the patient’s experience with the hospital a good one. By conducting analysis at different levels of the process, they were able to reduce the waiting times for the patients.  While at the same time utilizing their facilities in a proficient and efficient manner. The giants that the hospital was competing with received grants for their medical practices, and employed the best doctors, physicians, specialists, and even scientists. Which enabled them to gain access to the latest research and even lead to breakthrough research for which they became renowned.

Implementation of lean process allowed ACH to not only save money but also to increase the revenue being earned.

The improvement at the MRI machine, allowed an increase of an average 120+ patients utilizing the service, instead of the previous 80 patients on average. In order to address the issue of the flash sterilization rate, the hospital conducted KAIZEN, identified the gaps, and addressed them.  With the result that the flash sterilization rate came down from 10% to 2%. The top management’s approach to lean management is the primary reason why ACH has been so successful in implementing in within the hospital and ensure that everybody follows it. They have developed a culture of change which not only encourages continuous improvement.  But also allows for the employees, and other staff to evolve and grow their skill set.

The creation of Center for Operations Excellence was the base of the operations.  Which allowed for the execution of multiple Kaizen analysis. And allowed the team to come up with solutions for the problems that were being faced along with the actual improvement of processes. They also identified that only providing training to the top management was not the right way to go instead. The middle management also required training and latest knowledge so that they could also contribute to the success of the business.

ACH 采用这种方法是为了发展成为一个高可靠性的组织。


精益流程的实施使 ACH 不仅可以节省资金,还可以增加收入。

MRI 机器的改进使使用该服务的患者平均增加了 120 多名,而不是之前的平均 80 名患者。为了解决快速绝育率的问题,医院开展了KAIZEN,找出差距并加以解决。结果是快速灭菌率从 10% 下降到 2%。高层管理人员的精益管理方法是 ACH 在医院内成功实施并确保每个人都遵循它的主要原因。他们培养了一种变革文化,不仅鼓励持续改进。但也允许员工和其他员工发展和提高他们的技能。

卓越运营中心的创建是运营的基础。这允许执行多个 Kaizen 分析。并允许团队针对随着流程的实际改进而面临的问题提出解决方案。他们还发现,仅向高层管理人员提供培训并不是正确的做法。中层管理人员还需要培训和最新知识,以便他们也能为企业的成功做出贡献 . 医疗保健代写


Operation Requirements and Resources

Hospitals and their staff operate within an external environment shaped by government regulations, characteristics of their patient populations. The job market for health care professionals, and the extent of competition from other sources of care. Hospital workers also confront an internal environment shaped by leadership priorities, resources available for training and improvement initiatives.  And policies regarding responses to medical errors and quality defects (Archive).

When it comes to the external environment, patient safety becomes the top priority and something that should never be compromised. Additionally, it is something on which hospital should never compete either. Environmental barriers should be addressed, for example on external barrier could be the location of the hospital. If it is too far away, then there is a high chance that the patients will select some other hospital that is a convenient option. There is one other thing that can be implemented in ACH which will enable it to improve its processes further, which is achieving cross hospital standardization. Many hospitals have implemented this, which entails sharing a workforce among hospitals, including nurses and specialists. Is a great motivation for standardizing forms and processes across all institutions. Not only that, you also get to learn a lot from other organizations and hospitals as well.



当涉及到外部环境时,患者的安全成为重中之重,绝对不能妥协。此外,医院也不应该在这方面竞争。应解决环境障碍,例如外部障碍可能是医院的位置。如果距离太远,那么患者很有可能会选择其他方便的医院。在 ACH 中还可以实施另一件事,这将使其能够进一步改进其流程,即实现跨医院标准化。许多医院已经实施了这一点,这需要在医院之间共享劳动力,包括护士和专家。是所有机构标准化表格和流程的重要动力。不仅如此,您还可以从其他组织和医院中学到很多东西。医疗保健代写

Moreover, many hospitals have been automating their systems, so that many of the apointments can be scheduled online.

All the patients have to do is to visit the website.  Log in using their credentials, and then select a time for the appointment of either a routine checkup, or a follow up visit. This ensures that the doctor is available for the appointment and that patient’s waiting time is reduced.

Many hospitals have reduced in patient waiting times in this manner. Another practice that can be employed is to create a database online that saves all of the patient’s information on the server. So that the data can be fetched immediately, instead of going through records. Which takes too long and thus, increases the waiting times. These are some of the practices that are being employed by the hospitals in order to make the experience of the patients.  And their families a satisfactory one with immense support from the hospital staff so that all issues can be addressed.

In my opinion, similar practices can be implemented in Pediatric hospitals as well.  So that parents who are exhausted and worried, can be at ease. They can schedule appointments in advance and ensure that they do not have to wait for long hours in order for the physician or doctor to come and see their child. This also ensures that there is no queue waiting for their turn. While at the same time increases the turnover rate per patient, making sure that the highest number of patients are being addressed in the shortest amount of time.  While providing superior quality services.





Readiness to Transition to a Value Based Delivery System

With the explanation that has been provided by the organization, and the examples that the case study provides. It can be seen that not only is ACH open to new ideas that allow improvement in their day to day processes. But also that they intend to improve with the passage of time as well. According to one of the top management. They have conducted two capacity studies on surgery which have deduced that they are currently running at 64% of their capacity.  And they intend to conduct further studies.  So that within the next two years they can be running at 85% of their capacity.

Additionally, they are also planning to address other areas of their processes so that they can optimally utilize the facilities that they have.  While improving the experience of the customers/ patients so that they can actually be a part of the overall improvement process. Happy clients will lead to future customers, especially when the staff is understanding and courteous to the needs of the patients.


使用组织提供的解释以及案例研究提供的示例。可以看出,ACH 不仅对允许改进日常流程的新想法持开放态度。但也表明他们打算随着时间的推移而改进。根据其中一位高层管理人员的说法。他们对手术进行了两项容量研究,推断出他们目前的运行能力是其容量的 64%。他们打算进行进一步的研究。因此,在接下来的两年内,它们可以以 85% 的容量运行。


Operational Implications of Current Health Reforms

The current health reforms that have been introduced within the organization allows the team to not only grow.  But also addresses the operational implications that are there. The operational implications show . That they can improve the current processes and there is a lot of capacity building that will take place. It must also be understood that the top management is focused on different facets of the organizational and operational process . Which also allows for the improvement in the overall structure of the organization.

As mentioned previously, there is a lot that can be improved, such as going forward with automation will remove many of the manual processes.  And help in overcoming the problems. With the passage of time, things will improve for the better.  And ACH will be able to compete with the other institutions based on quality research and studies as well. However, that is going to take some time, and for that they are going to need a pool of qualified professionals.  So that they can conduct research on various pediatric related cases, and eventually establish outcomes that allow for improvement in the overall process.



如前所述,有很多可以改进的地方,例如推进自动化将消除许多手动流程。并帮助克服问题。随着时间的推移,事情会变得更好。 ACH 也将能够基于高质量的研究和研究与其他机构竞争。然而,这需要一些时间,为此他们需要一批合格的专业人员。这样他们就可以对各种儿科相关病例进行研究,并最终确定可以改进整个过程的结果。医疗保健代写

Current and Future Trends for High Reliability Organizations

There are many industries, in which organizations deploy the high reliability organization model.  However, the healthcare industry is not at par with many of the other industries, such as the airline industry. The level of trust that has been built by many service providers.  Has allowed for HRO to not only grow but become one of the most widely adopted practices in the industry. The question always comes up is why the healthcare delivery system is not as reliable as other industries and especially like the airline industry? In recent years, healthcare consumers, providers, payers. And other key stakeholders have demanded better patient care and business outcomes and have asked similar questions . About achieving a high reliability organization status and reliable performance results (Griffith, 2015).

The main focus of the healthcare industry has been on providing healthcare solutions instead of identifying.  The operational gaps and improving those processes for better experience and provision of greater services. However, with the passage of time, things have improved.  And it can be seen that many organizations have started adopting the high reliability organization model.  In order to better cater to the increasing demands of the patients. With each passing year, the number of patients arriving at the centers. And requesting for timely services is increasing, and the demand for improved services is also on the rise.

Therefore, noticing the current trends and understanding how they will help in shaping the future of the healthcare industry.  Is the key to knowing when and where to implement changes. Healthcare organizations need to be on their toes, so that they can not only improve with time.  But also help in addressing the rising issues with patient healthcare.


有许多行业,组织在其中部署了高可靠性组织模型。然而,医疗保健行业与许多其他行业(例如航空业)并不相提并论。许多服务提供商建立的信任级别。使 HRO 不仅发展壮大,而且成为业内最广泛采用的做法之一。总是出现的问题是,为什么医疗保健提供系统不如其他行业,尤其​​是航空业那样可靠?近年来,医疗保健消费者、提供者、支付者。其他主要利益相关者要求更好的患者护理和业务成果,并提出了类似的问题。关于实现高可靠性组织地位和可靠的绩效结果(格里菲斯,2015 年)。




To conclude, I would just like to add that healthcare organizations have started focusing on becoming high reliability organizations. In order to improve various studies need to be conducted and KAIZEN is one of the best practices to identify the gaps and address them. Lean process management allows for improvement in the overall organization, and also allows for the employees to grow.

The top management is the source of any drive within the organization. And it has been seen many times that successful organizations are the ones in which change is derived from the executive level leadership. However, middle management employees should not be ignored and they should also be provided top level training.  So that everything can be addressed and all levels of management are not only talented but their skills set also improves.


最后,我想补充一点,医疗保健组织已经开始专注于成为高可靠性组织。 为了改进需要进行的各种研究,KAIZEN 是找出差距并解决差距的最佳实践之一。 精益流程管理可以改善整个组织,也可以让员工成长。

最高管理层是组织内任何动力的源泉。 并且已经多次看到,成功的组织是那些变革来自于执行层领导的组织。 但是,不应忽视中层管理人员,还应为他们提供顶级培训。 这样一切都可以解决,各级管理人员不仅才华横溢,而且他们的技能也得到了提高。医疗保健代写


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