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Short Story Analysis



人物分析 Borders by Thomas King is a short story highlighting the difficulties encountered by ethnic minorities. It is the story of..


Analyze the treatment of race in two of the following: “Borders,” “Squatter,” “The Loons.”

Borders by Thomas King is a short story highlighting the difficulties encountered by ethnic minorities. It is the story of a mother who lives in Canada and goes to the United States to see her daughter. After reaching the border when she is asked about her citizenship she replies, “Blackfoot.”

The mother refused to change her identity. She is so deeply rooted in her cultural heritage that she refused to change her identity and feels proud of her origin. However, the difficulties she faces as a result of refusing to assimilate to the modern identity have been highlighted throughout the story by Thomas King.

The Loon, on the other hand, is a short story by Margaret Laurence about a girl named Piquette Tonnerre of mixed racial descent who struggles to assimilate her new unwelcoming surroundings. Laurence has tried to describe the journey of Piquette through her life by including her friend Vanessa in the story,

译文:分析以下两项中对种族的处理:“边界”、“擅自占地者”、“懒人”。  人物分析



另一方面,The Loon 是玛格丽特·劳伦斯 (Margaret Laurence) 的短篇小说,讲述了一个名叫皮奎特·托纳雷 (Piquette Tonnerre) 的混血女孩,她努力融入不受欢迎的新环境。劳伦斯试图通过将她的朋友凡妮莎包括在故事中来描述皮奎特一生的旅程,

who befriends Piquette.

Piquette is facing issues regarding societal interactions. She compared her life with the life of loons who also suffer from the negative impact of the society and environment just like Piquette. Piquette faces these issues because she belongs to ethnic minorities.

Both short stories Borders and Loons highlight the hardships faced by people due to their race and because they belong to ethnic minorities of the country (King).

In Borders, we see Laetitia’s emphasis on herself being Blackfoot. She went to meet her daughter who is residing in the US and has contrary nature to her mother. Unlike the mother, the daughter did not feel any affiliation with her origin and she is ready to assimilate the new unwelcoming culture.

She happily moved to America despite all the discrimination she knew she could face in America due to her race. She goes to America finds a job and an apartment and gets settled. Mother planned to meet her daughter with her son who too has readily assimilated the new unwelcoming surroundings.

译文:谁和皮奎特成为朋友。  人物分析

Piquette 面临着社会互动方面的问题。她将自己的生活与像皮奎特一样遭受社会和环境负面影响的懒人的生活进行了比较。皮奎特面临这些问题,因为她属于少数民族。

短篇小说 Borders 和 Loons 都强调了人们由于种族和属于该国的少数民族(国王)而面临的困难。

在 Borders 中,我们看到 Laetitia 强调自己是 Blackfoot。她去见了住在美国、性格与母亲相反的女儿。与母亲不同,女儿对自己的出身没有任何归属感,她准备好吸收新的不受欢迎的文化。




the mother could untie her roots with her origin which made her suffer while crossing Canadian American border to meet her daughter. She was stopped at the border by the soldiers and asked for identity, to which she replied instantly, “Blackfoot.” She emphasized calling her daughter Blackfoot too.

The border incident represents the whole theme of the story. The mother had the guts to stand her ground till the end. She did not assimilate herself and refused to lose her real identity just because people of the majority are forcing her to do so. She remains adhere to her real identity till the end.

She is an inspiration to all the ethnic minorities who lose themselves in the melting pot of diversity and forget their real identity. Sometimes ethnic minorities are forced to abandon their cultural heritage which represents their real identity just as the mother in the story, who is forced to say her identity as American or Canadian but she refused to do so (King).

The first day the mother arrived at the border she was refused to enter the American border just because she was not introducing herself as Canadian or American. She had to spend a night in a car at a parking lot of some duty-free shop.

译文:然而    人物分析





The next day she went to the border again with her son.

She was refused to get entrance into the American border as she told her citizenship as Blackfoot. After spending a night in her car she went to the border for the third time. This time media arrived at the border to cover the whole scenario.

This time they did not ask for her citizenship and let her enter the American border as the media was there to cover the unique association of women to her cultural heritage which was inspirational for all of us. It shows that the mother knew how people abandon their identity and lose themselves in the dominant citizenships such as Canadian or American (King).

Likewise in “The Loons” Margaret Laurence shows the suffering of Piquette Tonnerre who being a racial minority faces harsh circumstances and is suppressed by the unwelcoming society. The loons in the story symbolize the destruction of the minorities who do not assimilate the rules of the dominating society and force them to abandon their true identity.

yiwen :第二天,她又带着儿子去了边境。  人物分析

她被拒绝进入美国边境,因为她告诉她自己的公民身份是 Blackfoot。在她的车里住了一晚后,她第三次去了边境。这一次媒体来到边境报道了整个场景。


同样在“懒人”中,玛格丽特·劳伦斯展示了作为少数族裔的皮奎特·托纳雷 (Piquette Tonnerre) 的痛苦,她面临着恶劣的环境,并被不受欢迎的社会所压制。故事中的懒汉象征着不吸收统治社会规则并迫使他们放弃真实身份的少数民族的毁灭。

The grievances of the loons and Piquette are alike,

the only difference is that Piquette’s grievance is social in nature while the suffering of loons is environmental. However, both of them suffer because they belong to a minority. Both of them suffer due to dominating species of society.

Piquette is found persecuted by perpetual discrimination since her childhood when the dominating white people invaded her Indian-dominated region where she lived with her family.

They destroyed her life and changed her native habitat. A similar change battered the loons as they .  Were ruled out by the community from their natural habitat for the sake of infrastructural development (Laurence).

The racial stereotype is a common theme between Borders and The Loons. The childhood prejudices affected both Piquette and the Mother and her children. The mother succeeded in entering the American border to meet her daughter. She became an inspiration for everyone. Piquette,

on the other hand, suffered till the end. She ended her life and her children’s life in the end. The fate of Piquette exudes the sufferings of racial minorities in the white dominating countries.

译文:潜鸟和皮奎特的委屈都一样,  人物分析

唯一不同的是,Piquette 的不满本质上是社会性的,而潜鸟的痛苦则是环境性的。然而,他们都受苦,因为他们属于少数。他们俩都因社会的主导物种而受苦。



种族刻板印象是 Borders 和 The Loons 之间的共同主题。童年的偏见影响了皮奎特和母亲以及她的孩子。母亲成功进入美国边境与女儿见面。她成为了每个人的灵感来源。皮奎特,


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