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艺术代写 管理代写 essay代写 paper代写 I will compare and contrast two arts and cultural organisations in Melbourne. For this discussion I choose

I am here today to present to you about the principles of arts management. In particular.

I will compare and contrast two arts and cultural organisations in Melbourne. For this discussion I choose Arts Centre Melbourne and Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Before I delve much on the comparison, it is essential to define what is art management. It is administration of vision and emotions of the artists as well as shaping the experience of the audience using arts as presentation of cultures. Arts managers encourage creativity and freedom of expression of the artist.艺术代写 管理代写 essay代写 paper代写

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To begin with, Arts Centre Melbourne is located in Southbank of Victoria while ACMI is located Federation Square in Melbourne. ACM is the centre of all types of visual and static arts. On the other hand, ACMI only focuses on moving arts including cinemas, games and exhibitions. ACMI is more of a museum than just a culture centre and mainly promotes contemporary arts as opposed to traditional arts that are static. Generally, the management seeks to conserve and promote arts as cultural representation.艺术代写 管理代写 essay代写 paper代写

A closer look at the organisational structures of both institutions reveals a lot about their art management approaches. ACM does not have a more elaborate management team. It team only constitutes of the president, chief executive officer and five executive directors of operations, human resource, customer services, performance art, external engagements and philanthropy. With only one position managing arts leaves ACM vulnerable to inefficiency in management.

On the contrary, ACMI is more elaborate with its management team.艺术代写 管理代写 essay代写 paper代写

The chief executive officer is the topmost position. The centre has established adequate departments with more focus on managing arts. Some of them include head of exhibitions, head of design, head of ACMI X, CXO among others. ACM exclude some these crucial departments especially exhibition departments and director of public, education, and industry programs. Therefore, it can be concluded that ACMI is more successful in art management compared to ACM. It is true because it’s the largest moving art exhibition and most visited museum in Australian.

Interestingly, though these two centres deal with arts and cultures, they have different type of audience in the population.

ACM targets all creative art lovers while ACMI focuses on moving image artists and audience. The institutions use various strategies to identify their clients, reach out to them, educate them and learn about their experience. Most importantly is training of workers to acquaint on arts and benefits to audience.艺术代写 管理代写 essay代写 paper代写

However, the two main issues affecting the two institutions are digital market targeting and lack of enough funds. Extensive digital targeting is critical for reaching out to young artists and audience who mainly depend on social media for information. The issue of funding, on the other hand, affects main operations art centres. Instead of them waiting for government funds, the institutions should solicit for donations and grants from non-profit organisations.

Overall, research on the comparison between the two art centres was an opener to one who is aspiring art manager. One gets to learn the management structure and motive is different from that of conventional business. Also, one knows the challenges likely to impact on the art centres and their mitigation. For instance, identifying the audience and communicating benefits of arts. Art management is more of art promotion and preservation of culture than making profits.艺术代写 管理代写 essay代写 paper代写

I am thankful for your time and attention to this presentation.

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首先,墨尔本艺术中心位于维多利亚的南岸,而ACMI则位于墨尔本的联邦广场。 ACM是所有视觉和静态艺术的中心。另一方面,ACMI只专注于电影,游戏和展览等动人的艺术。 ACMI不仅仅是一个文化中心,更是一座博物馆,并且主要宣传当代艺术,而不是静态的传统艺术。通常,管理层寻求保护和促进艺术作为文化的代表。
仔细研究两个机构的组织结构,可以发现很多关于他们的艺术管理方法。 ACM没有更复杂的管理团队。它的团队仅由总裁,首席执行官和五位执行董事组成,分别是运营,人力资源,客户服务,表演艺术,外部业务和慈善事业。管理艺术只有一个职位,使ACM容易受到管理效率低下的影响。
相反,ACMI对其管理团队更加精打细算。首席执行官是最高职位。该中心已经建立了足够的部门,更侧重于艺术管理。其中一些人包括展览负责人,设计负责人,ACMI X,CXO负责人等。 ACM排除了这些关键部门,特别是展览部门以及公共,教育和行业计划主管。因此,可以得出结论,与ACM相比,ACMI在艺术品管理方面更为成功。的确如此,因为它是澳大利亚最大的动人艺术展览和参观人数最多的博物馆。
有趣的是,尽管这两个中心涉及艺术和文化,但它们在人群中的受众类型不同。 ACM面向所有创意艺术爱好者,而ACMI则专注于动态图像艺术家和观众。这些机构使用各种策略来识别客户,与他们联系,对其进行教育并了解他们的经验。最重要的是对工人进行培训,使他们熟悉艺术并为听众带来好处。