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Analyzing A Christmas Carol


物质财产  Charles Dickens felt that the Victorian society ignored the problems of the underclass  ,  And the rich looked down upon the poor..


How Charles Dicken shows Poverty and Disparity between the Rich and Poor

Charles Dickens felt that the Victorian society ignored the problems of the underclass  ,  And the rich looked down upon the poor . The evidence of this can be found in his book, A Christmas Carol ,  The inspiration of which he got from the plight of the poor people ,  Especially the children he witnessed in the industrial towns and cities of Northern England.

The theme of poverty and the disparity that can be seen between the rich and the poor is extremely apparent in A Christmas Carol ,  In which on one hand rich people can be seen enjoying their wealth and having fun at Christmas from the comforts of their homes ,  Whereas the poor can be seen rummaging for food ,  And living in dreadful conditions, just to survive.

He uses impressive words like “not well dressed”, “surplus population” ,  Frightful, abject, etc. to describe the poor people ,  Which shows how the poor people were seen by the rich during that time . Charles Dickens had a very clear perception of the manner in which the rich viewed the poor ,   Which is evident by the description he uses for the Carchit family.

译文:查尔斯·狄更 (Charles Dicken) 如何展示贫穷和贫富差距  物质财产



他用“衣衫不整”、“人口过剩”、“可怕”、“卑鄙”等令人印象深刻的词来形容穷人,可见当时富人对穷人的看法。查尔斯·狄更斯 (Charles Dickens) 对富人看待穷人的方式有着非常清楚的认识,这从他对卡奇特家族的描述中可以明显看出。

They are shown as destitute and dirty

and all these things are shown to have a great impact on .  How the rich view the poor during that time. The Cratchit family is described in the following manner, "They were not well dressed; their shoes were far from being water-proof; their clothes were scanty," (Third Stave). From the language that has been used ,  It is clear that the poor are referred by the material belongings they possess. “Not well dressed”,

shows the emphasis that is put on clothing and how a person can be seen instead of their personality. On the other hand, “far from being water proof”,  Shows the emphasis that is put on having good quality shoes ,  Which the Cratchit family does not possess .  And “their clothes were scanty”,   Shows that the family was being frowned upon based on their looks and their material belongings, and thus,

译文:他们被显示为贫穷和肮脏  物质财产

并且所有这些事情都显示出对 . 那个时候富人如何看待穷人。 克拉奇特一家被描述为:“他们穿得不好;他们的鞋子远不防水;他们的衣服很少,”(第三梯队)。 从使用的语言来看,很明显穷人是指他们拥有的物质财产。 “穿得不好”,

显示了对服装的重视以及如何看待一个人而不是他们的个性。 另一方面,“远非防水”,显示了对拥有优质鞋子的重视,而克拉奇特家族没有。 并且“他们的衣服很少”,这表明他们的家庭因他们的长相和财产而受到不悦,因此,

Looked down upon because they were poor.

Thus, the disparity between the rich and the poor can be understood by the way they are being referred to. While the Cratchit family may enjoy their Christmas ,  And be a merry bunch during the holiday season ,  They are still classified as paupers because of their poverty . The theme begins from the first stave .  In which Scrooge is requested to give donation to a charity that helps the poor.

His response to this is "The Treadmill and the Poor Law are in full vigour, then?" Scrooge is shown to look down upon the poor ,  And a man who has immense pride at having been born rich . In this manner Charles Dickens .  Has tried to express how people who had the means to make a difference during that time ,  Didn’t because they were too selfish and egoistic. 

译文:因为穷,所以被人看不起。  物质财产

因此,富人和穷人之间的差异可以通过他们被提及的方式来理解。 虽然克拉奇特一家可能会享受圣诞节,并且在节日期间是一群快乐的人,但由于他们的贫困,他们仍然被归类为乞丐。 主题从第一个五线谱开始。 其中要求斯克罗吉向帮助穷人的慈善机构捐款。

他对此的回应是“那么跑步机和济贫法都充满活力?” 斯克罗吉被证明看不起穷人,而且是一个对出身富有而无比自豪的人。 查尔斯·狄更斯以这种方式。 曾试图表达那些有能力在那个时候有所作为的人,没有因为他们太自私和自私。

The conversation shows that the poor people have to work in prisons and workhouses

And are forced to live in shabby and run down places  ,  And must forgo many of the necessities of life ,  Simply because they cannot afford them. He refuses to donate which showed that the rich were extremely selfish and wanted to keep their wealth to themselves  ,  And thus, indicates another selfish side of the Victorian society.

Instead of developing a community in which wealth is evenly distributed and enjoyed by everybody ,  The vulgar side of the society is shown in which the wealth distribution is great with the poor being in greater number and the wealth being in the hands of the few .  This can be gleaned with the words Scrooge uses as “Decrease the surplus population”. The economic term is used to describe the poor who are in larger quantities as compared to the rich.

However , Charles Dickens has also tried to show that even with lack of resources and limited access  . To the basic necessities of life. This can be gleaned from when the Ghost of Christmas Present, takes Scrooge to a family of miners where he sees that they are all happy but still living in a small house,   Which is described as being in the “bowels of the earth”.

The use of words is quite interesting because it shows that the way the poor are depicted in the book is as they are living in decrepit ,  Beepest parts of the earth ,  Where people like scrooge do not belong and thus shows a very negative image of the poor people . Yes, it is shown that they are happy with what they have ,  But it also shows the marked differences between the Christmas spent by a poor family and that of a rich one.

译文:谈话表明,穷人不得不在监狱和济贫院工作  物质财产





It is fascinating to notice how the words are being used to describe the poor.

When Ignorance and Want ,  Two children who are represented by these two expressions ,  Are introduced, they words used for them are, “wretched, abject ,  Frightful, hideous, and miserable.” Let’s focus on the words used to describe these two children who have grown up in poverty and continue to do so . The use of the word wretched shows that they are seen as nothing but inferior beings,

Who cannot do anything about their fate. “Abject”, on the other hand depicts their powerlessness ,  And how they are seen by the richer people in society  ,  As something dirty that should be kept at bay. Charles Dickens also uses the words “frightful” and “hideous” which is used  . To show how the wealthy people of the Victorian society viewed the poor . Their dirty and shabby looking clothes,

译文:注意到这些词如何被用来描述穷人是很有趣的。  物质财产

当无知和想要,这两个表达所代表的两个孩子被介绍时,他们使用的词是“可怜的、卑鄙的、可怕的、丑陋的和悲惨的”。 让我们专注于用来描述这两个在贫困中长大并继续这样做的孩子的词。 使用可怜这个词表明他们被视为低等生物,

谁对他们的命运无能为力。 另一方面,“卑鄙”则描绘了他们的无能为力,以及社会上较富有的人如何看待他们,作为应该远离的肮脏事物。 查尔斯·狄更斯 (Charles Dickens) 还使用了“可怕”和“丑陋”这两个词。 展示维多利亚社会的富人如何看待穷人。 他们看起来又脏又破的衣服,

And their overall appearance was viewed as something scary,

Something that the rich were frightened of and at the same time was thought to be ugly. Again, the focus can be seen on outward appearance ,  And how people tend to judge others, especially the rich people judge the poor people based on their clothes, their appearance, how shabby they look, and make an impression based on all of these factors, instead of factors that should matter,

like personality, humbleness, talent, etc. And lastly, the use of the word ,  “Miserable” shows that due to the kind of life they are living and the fact that even the basic necessities of life are not easily available for them, they lead miserable lives. However, it can also be said ,  That this is a perception of the richer and wealthier people of the society , Who believe that material things truly make people happy.


富人害怕的东西,同时被认为是丑陋的。 再次,可以看出重点是外表,以及人们如何倾向于判断他人,特别是富人根据他们的衣服,外表,破旧的样子来判断穷人,并根据所有这些因素给人留下印象 ,而不是应该重要的因素,

比如个性、谦逊、才能等。最后,“悲惨”这个词的使用表明,由于他们过着这样的生活,而且即使是基本的生活必需品,他们也不容易获得,他们 过着悲惨的生活。 然而,也可以说,这是社会上越来越富裕的人的一种看法,他们相信物质真的能让人快乐。


But, as can be seen from the book itself

That while the family of miners lived in a house in “the bowels of the earth”, they could still find happiness  , Even though all of them were gathered together in one room, where the fire was lit, they were still enjoying their Christmas.

Charles Dickens uses words in order to convey how .  The poor were being treated and looked upon by the wealthier people .  Of the society. Another interesting description by the author about poverty is, “The ways were foul and narrow, the shops and houses wretched; the people half naked, drunken, slipshod, ugly. Alleys and archways, like so many cesspools, disgorged their offences of smell, and dirt,

译文:但是,从书中可以看出  物质财产

矿工一家住在“大地深处”的房子里,却依然能找到幸福,虽然大家聚在一个房间里,点着火,却依然在享受着圣诞节。 查尔斯狄更斯使用文字来传达如何。 穷人受到富人的待遇和关注。 社会的。 作者对贫困的另一个有趣描述是,“道路肮脏狭窄,商店和房屋破败; 人们半裸、醉酒、马虎、丑陋。 小巷和拱门,就像许多污水池一样,散发着臭味和污垢,

And life, upon the straggling streets; and the while quarter reeked with crime,

With filth, and misery.” (Stave Four) This description is used to explain the surroundings and environment around Old Joe’s shops. Scrooge imagines that this is where all his belongings will be taken after his imagined death  ,  And the powerful manner in which Charles Dickens sketches the surroundings in the minds of the reader,

Makes you realize how desolate and sad the area is, where poor people are in larger numbers ,  And the neighborhood is of the poor and needy. He mentions that “the whole quarter reeked with crime ,  With filth, and misery,” which depicts that when a person does not have enough money or the means to earn, then he or she resorts to crime, and thievery. Thus, the surroundings are not kept clean,

Because such people do not have the means to keep their surroundings ,  Clothes ,  And even their bodies clean, and thus the area has a sense of gloom that envelopes it!

译文:和生活,在分散的街道上; 这段时间充斥着犯罪,

带着污秽和痛苦。” (四线谱) 这个描述是用来解释老乔的商店周围的环境和环境。 斯克罗吉想象这是在他想象中的死亡后他所有的财物都将被带走的地方,以及查尔斯狄更斯在读者脑海中勾勒周围环境的有力方式,

让你意识到这个地区是多么的荒凉和悲伤,那里的穷人人数众多,而这个社区是穷人和有需要的人。 他提到“整个季度充满了犯罪、肮脏和痛苦”,这描述了当一个人没有足够的钱或赚钱的手段时,他或她就会诉诸犯罪和偷窃。 因此,周围没有保持清洁,


The words he uses to describe the people as half naked

Because they do not have enough clothes to cover themselves, drunken; because they try to run away from the fate that has surrounded them instead of trying to change it ,  And slipshod; showing that they do not care about how they look, and ugly; showing that because they do not have the means to take care of themselves, their appearance becomes distorted and grotesque. These are extremely powerful words used to describe the poor,

And shows a marked difference between the rich and the poor people, which the latter being in greater numbers. This shows the disparity between the extremes of the society and instead of trying to find a middle way ,  Where all of the people in a society are able to lead a prosperous life, neither too rich, nor too poor, the wealthier people prefer to keep the wealth for themselves.

译文:他用来形容人们半裸的词  物质财产

因为他们没有足够的衣服来遮盖自己,喝醉了; 因为他们试图逃避包围他们的命运,而不是试图改变它,而且马虎; 表明他们不在乎自己的外表,而且很丑; 表明由于他们没有办法照顾自己,他们的外表变得扭曲和怪异。 这些是用来形容穷人的极其有力的词,

并且显示出富人和穷人之间的显着差异,后者的人数更多。 这显示了社会极端之间的差距,而不是试图找到一条中间道路,一个社会中的所有人都能够过上富裕的生活,既不太富裕也不太贫穷,富裕的人更愿意保持 自己的财富。

What can be learned from the manner in which Dickens describes the poor and the rich,

Their appearance ,  Facilities available for them, beliefs and lifestyles, is that there was a marked difference in their descriptions, which shows all the kinds of people that exist in the world and shows all the facets of life. His explanation and use of specific words from the English language show not only the kind of houses that existed,

But also the kind of impact poverty had on the physical appearance on the poor people. Not having access to the basic necessities of life ,  They were adversely affected due to malnutrition and lack of good food. Many poor people have to rummage in the garbage in order to salvage anything that can be salvage just .  So they could fill their stomachs.


他们的外貌、可利用的设施、信仰和生活方式,是他们描述上的显着差异,展现了世界上存在的各种人,展现了生活的方方面面。 他对英语中特定词语的解释和使用不仅展示了存在的房屋类型,

但也有贫困对穷人外表的影响。 无法获得基本的生活必需品,他们因营养不良和缺乏优质食物而受到不利影响。 许多穷人不得不在垃圾中翻找,才能打捞任何可以打捞的东西。 这样他们就可以填饱肚子了。

All of this shows the evil side of the society

Which Dickens focuses on in this book , And tries to show the kind of desolate ,  Sad and difficult lives poor people have to lead, simply because many of the richer people of the society are unable to see their plight. The one thing that is quite interesting is that throughout the book ,  And the language used to describe the poor, Charles Dickens does not belittle the poor,

And neither does he state or give the message that they are to blame for their situation. Rather it is more of an empathetic nature that he writes about the poor ,  Hoping that the reader would feel sympathetic if not empathetic towards the poor people, and trying to show the kind of difficult life they have to lead, yet they are able to find joy at the significant moments of life.


狄更斯在这本书中所关注的,并试图展示穷人不得不过的那种凄凉、悲伤和艰难的生活,仅仅是因为社会上的许多富人无法看到他们的困境。 非常有趣的一件事是,在整本书中,以及用来描述穷人的语言,查尔斯·狄更斯并没有贬低穷人,

他也没有说明或传达他们应该为自己的处境负责的信息。 相反,他写穷人的文章更具有同情心,希望读者即使对穷人没有同情心,也会感到同情,并试图表现出他们不得不过的那种艰难的生活,但他们能够找到 人生重要时刻的喜悦。

A Christmas carol is said to be the voice of the poor in London during the 1840s.

The division among classes is apparent throughout the book .  And Charles Dickens wrote it to highlight the .  Huge gap that existed between the rich and the poor , Buring that time.

In the first stave, Scrooge says, “I wish to be left alone. Since you ask me what I wish, gentlemen, that is my answer. I don’t make merry myself at Christmas and I can’t afford to make idle people merry. I help to support the establishments I have mentioned – they cost enough ;  And those who are badly off must go there.” This shows the willingness of .  A man who has it all to help those who are in need of support.

His reaction is not supposed to generalize all the wealthy people of the Victorian society during that time ,  However, it was supposed to show that many people who have the power to help others, choose not to do so, simply because they feel that their efforts and investment should be made elsewhere.

译文:据说圣诞颂歌是 1840 年代伦敦穷人的心声。    物质财产

班级之间的划分在整本书中都很明显。查尔斯·狄更斯(Charles Dickens)写了它以突出 .贫富之间存在的巨大鸿沟,埋葬了那个时代。

在第一个五线谱中,斯克掳奇说:“我希望一个人呆着。既然你问我想要什么,先生们,这就是我的回答。我不会在圣诞节让自己快乐,我也无法让闲散的人快乐。我帮助支持我提到的机构——它们的成本足够;而那些境况不佳的人必须去那里。”这表明了 的意愿。一个有能力帮助那些需要支持的人的人。



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