人工智能的发展代写 在多大程度上对社会构成威胁?


To what extent is the development of artificial intelligence a threat to society?

人工智能的发展代写 And components can be assembled by the coordination of the Internet, without manual supervision (Alessi and Gummer, 2014).

Artificial intelligence accomplishes tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data. From fingerprint recognition, Siri virtual assistant to self-driving cars, Artificial intelligence is already present in our everyday lives and affects us increasingly.

The future development of artificial intelligence is unpredictable thanks to increased data volumes,improvements in computing power and storage.

( This sentence does not make sense - how does this make the future of AI unpredictable? There is no doubt that it also has a huge potential to surpass human intelligence The application of AI across a variety of sectors and is transforming the world. But the(punctuation smarter machines become, the more easily abused, because their goals could shift more. In other words, it can replace human beings to do more things. Machine automation, privacy, and security, autonomous weapons have been proposed as a few of the biggest crises posed by  Artificial intelligence. If the development of artificial intelligence is not under control, it will pose a huge threat to human society.( You must completely re-structure your introduction: (i) lead-in, (ii) thesis statement, (iii) overview of the essay content.  人工智能的发展代写

Faced with the advent of artificial intelligence, robots and automation technology will replace the workforce, leading to the disappearance of many jobs. (Introduce your idea with better cohesion: E.g. 'The first threat to society posed by AI that we will consider is...' make things easier for your reader! The development of AI has seriously affected the labor market. According to a think-tank Bruegel (2014) forecast, more than half of jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence in 20 years. To pursue higher interests, corporations will try to do any method(use more cautious language使用更謹慎的語言) as long as they can significantly reduce production costs. Machine operation accelerates product manufacturing and makes fewer errors.


The machine will not be lazy, tired, or emotional.  人工智能的发展代写 

Corporations do not need to pay wages to robots or bear considerable employee benefits, labor insurance, and old-age pensions.( Too obvious!)( Come on!!! We already know this - don't treat your reader like a five-year-old! 快點!!! In consideration of cost, more and more companies use machines to replace the workforce. In one of Siemens' manufacturing plants, approximately 75% of the facilities are automated.

And components can be assembled by the coordination of the Internet, without manual supervision (Alessi and Gummer, 2014). Artificial intelligence easily replaces some standardized lower-wage jobs that do not require high cognitive skills (World Bank, 2019). For example, the widespread application of face recognition technology has gradually replaced security practitioners and border police work. Artificial intelligence algorithms have put financial traders under the pressure of being dismissed. The application of translation software has gradually reduced job opportunities for translators. After the automatic driving system is popularized, job opportunities for car drivers and traffic maintenance personnel will disappear.( You have plenty of sample in this paragraph, but there is not much structure.

The application of large amounts of artificial intelligence has caused the unemployment rate to increase, thus forming a social problem.( This is the point of the previous paragraph.)The change of labor market has a serious effect on the wags structure. As the labor market's demand for highly skilled workers using artificial intelligence increases, their wages are higher(Szczepański, 2019). The development of AI creates serious labor market polarization and a rising wealth gap. Governments should develop policies to decrease inequality by limit the minimum wages, raising taxes from the super-rich, and inheritance taxes(Makridakis, 2017).

The point of this paragraph is unclear - clarify it by clearly stating the point in your topic sentence, possibly introducing the point to the reader by using better cohesive devices: E.g. 'The next negative impact of AI to be considered is its effect on wealth disparity.'

Although unemployment is a problem that we can immediately associate with the threat of artificial intelligence, it is only one of the potential risks of the development of artificial intelligence.( avoid repetition - use pronouns! Artificial intelligence executes various applications through algorithms (Castro and New, 2016), The malicious use of Artificial Intelligence or the applications programs cannot fully comply with human fairness and justice. which will adversely affect privacy and security will threaten digital security.

( Is this the topic sentence? Put it at the beginning and introduce it clearly: E.g. "A further threat posed by AI is in the area of security. Artificial intelligence has no human emotions such as love or hate, so there will be no benevolent or malicious behaviors. Artificial intelligence is good at achieving its goals, if those goals aren’t aligned with ours,( Delete this - too obvious! it may cause safety problems. Intelligent machines are programmed to complete their specific tasks, but cannot distinguish other natural situations that may occur around them.( This is rather vague and unclear - can you be more specific as to what the security risk actually is? Surely the risk comes from hackers and malware?  人工智能的发展代写

Why is this on a new line? It is clearly not a new paragraph. Autonomous vehicles take to the destination according to your requirements. When using the autopilot function, if there is an animal in front, the autopilot application system is likely to choose to turn right and hit an elderly person who is walking.( This is a rather weal argument and seems insufficiently connected to the point of the paragraph.

(Your paragraph spacing is confusing - please tidy this up! Even if the autonomous vehicle is equipped with trouble-free hardware and high-level Artificial intelligence applications program, it can not decide to allocate this risk with human ethics(Goodall, 2013 - 2022, pp 93-102). What we can do is program human behavior in the autopilot application system to reduce accidents(Sikkenk. Terken ,2015,p19-22)

(There is too much time spent on this example, which is insufficiently relevant.  人工智能的发展代写

Artificial intelligence has become the trend of human science and technology development in the future. It is replacing human work and threatening human rights to survive. The huge potential of artificial intelligence development is weakening human society.

The government should formulate policies and guarantee human existence; it should also regulate its application programming and put human safety priority. Mitigating the threat of artificial intelligence

Your conclusion has some points you could use, but you must restructure it: (i) summary of main body content, (ii) re-statement of thesis, (iii) recommendations for governments and international organisations.

References  人工智能的发展代写

Castro, D., and New, J. (2016). The Promise of Artificial Intelligence. [pdf] Center for Data Innovation. Retrieved from https://datainnovation.org/2016/10/the-promise-of-artificial-intelligence

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Marin Sikkenk.Jacques Terken.( Use the same format as the other entries - surname + initial. (2015)AutomotiveUI '15: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications .September 2015 .Pages 19–22.https://doi.org/10.1145/2799250.2799270

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(This is in a different typeface - please make it the same as the others.

From Tutor :

Although your position is evident, your critical analysis in basic and underdeveloped. You must provide a clearer and more developed thesis statement - your thesis is that AI poses a threat, but your position is unconvincing.What critical analysis you have in the essay does not really help to support the points you are making.

Your introduction is not good enough - it really just a long lead-in with no overview of the main body and an under-development thesis statement.  人工智能的发展代写

Yur paragraphs must be re-structured. While it is possible to identify the focus of the paragraph most of the time, your ideas are insufficiently developed and clarity and cohesion is lacking.

Although you have used all three of the sources from the source pack, the evidence you have selected from these sources does not convincingly support your points or further your thesis. You must show more skill in how you use sources to support your points.

Although the is some good academic style in evidence, there are also frequent examples of writing that is too naive and un-academic. This includes overly simple grammatical and lexical choices and observations that are too basic and obvious. Errors and inappropriate word choices lead to confusion at times.

There are errors both in your in-text citations and in the reference list (see in-text


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