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Professional Objectives

Professional代写 A versatile graduate of California States University, Fullerton. In the United States in a Master of Arts in Linguistics and


Career Objective Professional代写

A versatile graduate of California States University, Fullerton. In the United States in a Master of Arts in Linguistics and a major in Applied Linguistics with the ambition to become a brand that upholds integrity, honesty, transparency, efficient service delivery, diligence and professionalism at my place of work. I am also an outstanding performer at all levels of endeavors circumstances notwithstanding.  linguist major代写v

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I intend to serve in a position that will enable me to use my communication and linguistic skills, creativity, innovativeness, passion and drive for change and attain my full potential. I aspire to work in a company exhibiting great growth potential . which will enable me to utilize my enthusiasm, energy, and passion working as a communication specialist.Professional 代写

As a linguist major, I am a critical thinker, writer, researcher, and exhibit an extensive knowledge of linguistic sub-disciplines.Professional代写

My greatest strengths are English grammar, morphology, syntax, phonology, phonetics, semantics, historical linguistics, and social linguistics. In additions, I am good in strategic planning and formulation, intellectual skills such as analytical reasoning, critical thinking, argumentation, and clarity of expression. Therefore,I am capable of formulating a clear, testable hypothesis, generating predictions, making arguments. And drawing conclusions as well as communication findings. I am also capable of translating Arabic to English and English to Arabic. Relatively, I can work collaboratively with other departments such as public relations, to achieving the organizational goals and endeavor.Professional代写

In addition to my objective. I have critical professional skills and competencies which include the ability to work well individually, within a team. And to lead a team to deliver exceptional results and understanding of the issues involved in communication across languages and cultures. Also, I have excellent analytical. Decision-making and organization skills besides having the ability to set achievable goals through planning and organizing. Through experience, I gained the ability to write concept papers, technical proposals.  Presentations, and relevant materials with excellent interpersonal skills and outstanding communication skills. Overall, I am a socially able and capable of working under pressure and complete work in time.-Professional 代写