Process Essay代写:需要考虑什么?_essay代写


编写process essay时必须考虑到哪些?

  • 步骤文档要不告知阅读者怎样做某事,要不叙述事儿是怎样进行的。如果你写你的全过程文章内容,请考虑到以下几个方面:

  • 你尝试表述哪些全过程?它为何这般关键?

  • 这一全过程对谁或是哪些危害?

  • 是否有不一样的方式来做这一全过程?如果是那样,她们是啥?

  • 哪位阅读者?她们必须什么知识来了解这一全过程?

  • 需要什么专业技能/机器设备?

  • 这一全过程必须多久?結果一直一样的吗?

  • 在这个全过程中有多少流程?

  • 为何每一步都很重要?

  • 每一步都有哪些艰难?她们怎样摆脱?

  • 是不是必须留意?

  • 这一全过程是不是有必须回应的界定?

  • 是不是也有别的相近的步骤,能够协助表明您已经编写的步骤?

  • 假如需要的话,告知不应该干什么或为何应当干什么。

  • 全过程文档一般 是写在第二个人(你),但一些教师更对你有感觉防止这一点。与老师核查一下。

  • 你对这种难题和阐述的回应应当使你可以写成一个合理的全过程文章内容。




《Kool-Aid, Oh yeah》

It has been said that Kool-Aid makes the world go 'round. Let it be advised, however, that without the proper tools and directions, the great American beverage is nothing more than an envelope of unsweetened powder. There are five simple steps to create this candy-tasting concoction.

Picking the proper packet of flavoring is the first step in making Kool-Aid. Check the grocer's shelf for a wide variety, ranging from Mountain Berry Punch to Tropical Blue Hawaiian. If it is a difficult decision for you, knock yourself out and buy two. The packets usually run under 65 cents.

After choosing the flavor that best suits your taste buds, the second step is making sure that your kitchen houses some necessary equipment for making the Kool-Aid. Find a two-quart pitcher. Plastic is nice, but glass pitchers allow the liquid to shine through and add festive coloration to any refrigerator shelf. Next, find a long-handled wooden spoon, a one-cup measuring cup, a water faucet that spouts drinkable water, usable white sugar, and an ice cube tray full of ice. Then, you are ready to mix.

Third, grab the left edge of the Kool-Aid packet between your thumb and index finger. With your other hand, begin peeling the upper-left corner until the entire top of the envelope is removed. Next, dump the contents of the envelope into the pitcher. Notice how the powder floats before settling on the bottom of the pitcher. Then, take the measuring cup and scoop two cups of sugar into the pitcher as well. At this point, adding the water is a crucial step. Place the pitcher under the water faucet and slowly turn on the cold water. If the water is turned on too quickly, powder will fly all over when the initial gusts of water hit. After the pitcher is filled within two inches of the top, turn the water off and get prepared to stir. With the wooden spoon submersed three-quarters of the way in the liquid, vigorously stir in a clockwise motion until all of the powder is dissolved. Taste it. If the Kool-Aid is not sweet enough, feel free to add more sugar.

Fourth, when you are finished seasoning the Kool-Aid to your liking, rinse off the spoon and the measuring cup. Take a glass from the cupboard. An eight-ounce glass is usually sufficient. But stronger thirsts might prefer a 32-ounce mug. Add ice and then fill the glass with Kool-Aid. Find a comfortable chair, put your feet up, and drink away. After all, Kool-Aid makes the world go 'round.

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