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Nurse's Role and Responsibility as a Health Educator

Nursing profession代写 Nurse's Role and Responsibility as a Health EducatorThe patient experience has continued to shape the future of ...


Nurse's Role and Responsibility as a Health Educator

The patient experience has continued to shape the future of healthcare and how medics services are offered. Patient education has become one of the essential components of nurse engagement (Masters, 2018). Nurses have a role and responsibility in facilitating patient education.

As such, to overcome any challenges in patient education, nurses need to have strategies for tailoring educational programs and care plan.
Nurse Role and Responsibility in Patient EducationNursing profession代写

The nurse has a significant role in a patient’s life and therefore becomes the source of comfort and information during the treatment period. One of the crucial stages is the initial diagnosis. Usually, the patient can be overwhelmed with questions and confusion about the sickness.

The role of the nurse is to explain the diagnosis to a patient or family in a way they understand and comprehensive. The nurse aims to answer the question about the disease,Nursing profession代写

how it affects the patient and prognosis.Nursing profession代写

The nurse also has a role in making treatment. During treatment processes the nurse should try as much to pass treatment information to the patient in any way possible. A patient needs to be taught about their medication, that is, when and how to take them, with or without food, if to avoid alcohol or any expected side effect. Along the way, the nurse should ascertain the patient is following the medication protocol.Nursing profession代写

Moreover, the nurse helps the patient throughout the recovery process. It involves how to understand the medication and adjust to them as well as any side-effect. For chronic patients, the nurse has a role of training them daily treatment procedures like injection, testing glucose level, and more.
Patient Education Strategies

Besides the use of learning styles, the nurse needs to assess and carry out the background checks that might affect the patient learning process. In preparing a care plan, the nurse should also consider language, culture, literacy level, psychosocial issues, and life experiences (Whitney, 2018). The individual patient care plan needs to be guided by patient character.Nursing profession代写

When Should Behavioral Objectives Be Utilized in a Care Plan or Health Promotion?
Patient behavior during treatment needs monitoring. Behavior objective is utilized in the care plan to monitor healing and treatment process (Whitney, 2018). It is also included in the plan if the patient is likely to indulge in such risky behaviors during medication.

Behaviors like taking alcohol, low exercise, type of food and more should be monitored to promote health.

Nursing profession代写
Examples for DiscussionNursing profession代写

1.The chronic patient care plan
2.The disabled patient care plan
3.Patient roles in education program
4.The simple disease education program
Questions for Discussion
1.What is the role of the patient in the care plan?
2.What challenges face nurses in patient education?

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