Guide To Definition Essay Writing

Are you confused about how to write a definition essay? Then this blog is all you need to read to gain a comprehensive understanding of definition essay writing.

If you are a student, then getting tons of assignments is something you must be familiar with. You write an essay almost every week. Many times, you would hear your instructor asking you to define a specific terminology and that's precisely what you will be required to do in a descriptive essay.

While the term “definition essay” appears to be simple, it could turn out to be one of the most complicated types of essay writing. The purpose of a definition is to define. Still, it is not that simple. To write a definition essay, you would have to explain a topic using your own words rather than taking help from the dictionary definition.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay Outline?

The creativity of writing a descriptive essay starts with designing the descriptive essay outline. Before you begin to write your descriptive essay, you should initially develop a framework within which you would be crafting your essay. Through this step, you would be able to systematically arrange the content of your essay. When you would be brainstorming, you would get a cluster of thoughts, and this step would let you categorize your thoughts properly.
A descriptive essay outline consists of three main components that are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, what makes the descriptive essay outline different from the other type of essays is that the body is further divided into 3 different parts.

The introduction describes the thesis statement of the essay.
The history paragraph: It is concerned about the origin of the word and its history in a specific language.
The denotative: This part is about the dictionary definition and its usage.
The connotative: this is all about expressing your own words, and this is supposed to be the longest paragraph.
The conclusion paragraph summarizes all the main points of the body and refers back to the thesis statement to develop a connection between both. The key is not to end the essay randomly, but with a closing sentence.

Is There Any Standard Descriptive Essay Format?

The answer is no; there is no standard descriptive essay format. Only the outline needs to be followed in descriptive essay writing. You can use the format depending upon your topic, such as described below:
● American Psychological Association (APA) is mainly used in Sciences, Education, and Psychology.
● Chicago is utilized in Business, Fine Arts, and History.
● Modern Language Association (MLA) is widely used in the field of Linguistic and Literature.
● Harvard is used in specific fields of Humanities.
● Vancouver is mainly used in scientific and biomedical.
● American Chemical Society (ACS) is specifically used in Chemistry.
● American Medicine Association (AMA) is used in the area of medicine and science.
● Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) is popular in the field of law.
● Council of Science Editors (CSE) is used in statistics, mathematics, astronomy, biological science, chemistry, and physics genetics.
● Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) is used in the field of electronics, electrics, information technology, and computer sciences.

You can follow the format according to the descriptive essay topic that you have selected.

What Are The Best Descriptive Essay Topics?

The topic sets the theme of the entire essay. While selecting the descriptive essay topic, you should make sure that you have an in-depth understanding of your topic so that you can define that using your own words.
The best way to finalize a descriptive essay is to go for an abstract topic. The benefit of taking an abstract topic, such as love, honesty, emotions, and more, is there exists no standard definition of such topics, and every human being can have their subjective definition attached to it, depending on the understanding and experience.

Another thing you can keep under consideration while selecting a topic for your essay is that you should go for such a topic that has a good amount of original description. When there is a high description available, you can read and understand the topic better before writing your thoughts down.

There you have it, a comprehensive guide on writing a descriptive essay. You can refer to the aforementioned tips to attain a top grade.