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法律相关案件代写 The first scenario explains whether the employer should hire the candidate with no disabilities instead of candidate who will

The first scenario explains whether the employer should hire the candidate with no disabilities instead of candidate who will require additional facilities due to her being in a wheel chair. While there is no issue in hiring the less qualified candidate over Ms. Smith, however, if it is obvious that Ms. Smith is far more qualified than the other candidate then not employing her may cause certain issues for the employer.

The coverage provided to disabled workers by the FEHA is broader than that provided by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Even after the amendment of the federal statute (SHRM). The Fair Employment and Housing Commission (FEHC) is the primary civil rights agency in California which ensures that none of the labor laws are being violated by any organizations. Its responsibilities include the administration and implementation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

第一种情况解释了雇主是否应该雇用没有残疾的候选人,而不是因坐在轮椅上而需要额外设施的候选人。 虽然雇用较不合格的候选人而不是史密斯女士没有问题,但是,如果史密斯女士显然比其他候选人合格得多,那么不雇用她可能会给雇主带来某些问题。

FEHA 为残疾工人提供的覆盖范围比联邦《美国残疾人法案》(ADA) 提供的覆盖范围更广。 即使在修改联邦法规(SHRM)之后。 公平就业和住房委员会 (FEHC) 是加利福尼亚州的主要民权机构,它确保任何组织都不会违反任何劳动法。 其职责包括管理和实施《加州公平就业和住房法》(FEHA)。法律相关案件代写


Under this, discrimination is not allowed on part of the employer based on race, color, creed, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender, and marital status.

Based on this law, if the employer decides to hire the less qualified candidate over the qualified one due to her disability.  Then they can be sued for discrimination and wrongful employment decision. While yes, the employer can choose to hire the non-handicapped candidate, however, they must presented sound reasons for doing so instead of using her situation as a reason not to employ her. The FEHA’s protections for disabled employees are still broader than those provided by federal law. Even after enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008. Employers may not retaliate against employees for exercising their rights under the FEHA (SHRM).

As for the second scenario, in which the candidate has clearly communicated that he is gay. However, the employer is not impressed with the candidate’s skills or experience, the employer can choose to not hire the candidate based on the fact that his skills do not match the requirements. However, yes, the employer is likely to face a suit from the candidate stating . That they discriminated since gender and sexual orientation based discrimination is part of the employment law that protects rights of the employees.

However, the case will not be that strong as even the federal government has failed to pass legislation that protects the employment of LGBT workers. Even the Employment Non Discrimination Act wasn’t signed, and while the state also has laws against discrimination. Practicing examples have yet to be seen for gay employees. And while the candidate may exercise his right to fair employment. It will not be valid as the employer has specific reasons for not hiring the candidate in accounting.


根据这项法律,如果雇主因残疾而决定雇用资格较低的候选人而不是合格的候选人。然后他们可能会因歧视和错误的就业决定而被起诉。虽然是的,雇主可以选择雇用非残疾候选人,但是,他们必须提出合理的理由,而不是将她的情况作为不雇用她的理由。 FEHA 对残疾雇员的保护仍然比联邦法律规定的保护范围更广。即使在 2008 年《美国残疾人法修正案》颁布之后。雇主不得报复雇员行使 FEHA (SHRM) 规定的权利。


然而,案件不会那么有力,因为即使是联邦政府也未能通过保护 LGBT 工人就业的立法。甚至《就业非歧视法》也没有签署,而该州也有反对歧视的法律。对于同性恋员工来说,实践的例子还有待观察。而候选人可以行使其公平就业的权利。这将无效,因为雇主有不雇用会计候选人的具体原因。

For the case regarding Brenda and Sally, the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the FEHA bars discrimination against individuals over the age of 40.

Government Code §12926(b) (SHRS). If the employer chooses to promote sally, who has limited exposure to human resource, over Brenda, who is the Assistant Executive Director for Human resource, then Brenda can file a discrimination suit. Under the FEHA, it specifically states that it is unlawful to discriminate against any person in the terms & condition, compensations and privileges of employment.

While salary is one of the most famous reasons regarding why employees file cases against their employers.  Differences between older and younger workers.  Based on promotions and provision of benefits can also be raised as issues and challenged under age discrimination as well. The FEHA protects employee’s rights to all perks and benefits as promised by employees.  And seeing as Brenda has been working in the department.  Has the relevant experience, and is older than Sally, so it would a) be unfair to Brenda to promote Sally, and b) the employer will then be likely to have a suit filed against the company due to age discrimination.

When it comes to discrimination and hiring laws.  It is very important to first of all understand all the areas and facets that are covered under them. When it comes to the laws of discrimination, there are multiple facets that are covered under it.  Such as marital status, age, race, color, creed, religion, disability, sex and color, sexual orientation, medical condition, military and veteran status.

对于 Brenda 和 Sally 的案件,即联邦就业年龄歧视法,FEHA 禁止歧视 40 岁以上的个人。

政府法典 §12926(b) (SHRS)。如果雇主选择提升对人力资源的接触有限的莎莉,而不是担任人力资源助理执行董事的布伦达,那么布伦达可以提起歧视诉讼。根据 FEHA,它特别指出在就业条款和条件、补偿和特权方面歧视任何人是非法的。

虽然工资是员工对雇主提起诉讼的最著名原因之一。老员工和年轻员工的区别。基于晋升和提供福利也可以作为问题提出并在年龄歧视下受到挑战。 FEHA 保护员工享有员工承诺的所有津贴和福利的权利。并且看到 Brenda 一直在该部门工作。有相关经验,并且比 Sally 年长,因此 a) Brenda 提拔 Sally 对 Brenda 不公平,并且 b) 雇主可能会因年龄歧视而对公司提起诉讼。


Employees and applicants with physical or mental disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations so that they are able to perform the essential functions of the job.

Employers must have an interactive session with the employees so that reasonable accommodation can be provided to them. The failure to do this, will be a violation of the FEHA. A disabled person is defined as a person with a “limitation” on a highly significant life activity. The rest has been discussed in detail above.  Along with age and sexual orientation discrimination.

Similarly, discrimination based on religion is also considered to be a violation of FEHA. The employment law in California.  States that no employee should be discriminated against due to their religious creed. This entails that no discrimination is allowed based on how an employee dresses. What their grooming standards are.  And even accommodation in this aspect is treated as a very important consideration for the employer and the employer must ensure that they indeed are well settled.  Unless the accommodation creates a huge problem for the employer. However, employers are not required to amend the work schedules due to an employee’s religious practices. As it affects the collective efforts by the rest of the employees of the company.

Additionally, for female employees going through pregnancy, certain benefits are allocated for them, such as 4 months’ worth of unpaid leaves. Additionally, it is unlawful to refuse any requests for transfer or accommodation based on this situation. No employer is allowed to discriminate against any employee based on sex or gender, instead. They are required to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees. Regardless of their age or gender, rather their work attitude, determination, and performance is what matters.


雇主必须与雇员进行互动会议,以便为他们提供合理的便利。如果不这样做,将违反 FEHA。残疾人被定义为对非常重要的生活活动有“限制”的人。其余部分已在上面详细讨论。随着年龄和性取向的歧视。

同样,基于宗教的歧视也被视为违反 FEHA。加利福尼亚州的就业法。规定任何员工都不应因其宗教信仰而受到歧视。这意味着不允许基于员工的着装进行歧视。他们的美容标准是什么。甚至这方面的住宿也被雇主视为非常重要的考虑因素,雇主必须确保他们确实安顿下来。除非住宿给雇主带来了巨大的问题。但是,雇主无需因雇员的宗教信仰而修改工作时间表。因为它影响了公司其他员工的集体努力。


These are some of the laws that an employer should be aware of where hiring is concerned, especially with regards to cases of discrimination.

As mentioned above, some of the cases of discrimination are very strong and thus.  The employee should steer away from getting involved in it.  Whereas, some areas are those which may seem like the scenarios may pull . The employer in a tussle between the employee and the job.  However, if the employer has sound reason for not hiring a particular candidate and is sure . That this will not affect the company in the long run. However, being aware of the different laws and regulations will be highly helpful . In dealing with situation and ensuring that they are resolved before the matter is taken to court.

It is very important to be well versed with legal matters and laws before deciding to hire candidates or promote them. As it significantly affects the manner in which the employee will perceive the news. Also, it is important to be able to properly communicate and handle adverse situation in case it turns sour.





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