题型Contest Sentence:

“The baseball player ran all the way around the infield in the pouring rain after he hit the game-ending homer, failing to touch a single base.”

恰当解释 Answer: “ran all the way around” replace with “circled.”

“The baseball player circled the infield in the pouring rain after he hit the game-ending homer, failing to touch a single base.”

We believe the best word choice is “circled.” Because the hitter splashed around the diamond in the rain, a fun choice might be “circumnavigated,” which often refers to circling via water. Either choice is superior to the wordy “ran all the way around.” That phrase not only is commonplace, it suffers from having an unnecessary modifying phrase in its midst—“all the way.” Unless otherwise specified, running around something implies running “all the way” around it.

题型中,最能精确表述划线一部分实际意义的回答,应是circled。此外,由于打击者是雨中绕着内野飞奔,因此还可以应用较开朗的circumnavigated一字,常喻指于河面上节育环航。这两个挑选比冗杂的ran all the way around好,因为它过度通俗化且包含过多阐释的修饰语all the way。除非是需尤其表明,冲着某事 run around 一般 已包含all the way 绕行的意思。

Sometimes extra words are necessary to convey import or distinction. For instance, were bases on a baseball diamond one mile from each other, to run “all the way” would be a notable feat for someone other than a dedicated runner. Using the phrase in that instance emphasizes the distance involved. And sometimes a longer expression is acceptable because it maintains or interrupts a written cadence and, thus, more expressly conveys a mood or thought. While this is less a consideration in academic writing than in literary writing, it is not to be dismissed as a communication tool.

有时候传递关键或区别不一样实际意义时,务必要用几个字来注重。比如说在篮球场地内,垒包假如距离长达一哩,用all the way多方面装饰,表明对非职业慢跑者来讲,跑这一段路非常不容易,换句话说,all the way在事例里的主要用途是注重间距。有时候变长修饰语,可进而保持或切断语句的律动,更确立地传递创作者的情绪与心绪。虽然期刊论文不比文学著作,这些方面的考虑较少,这类方法依然是合理且不可忽视的沟通交流专用工具。

Selecting correct words is, of course, rooted in corollary assets of clear writing, such as vocabulary and knowledge (thorough research). Nevertheless, wordsmiths with copious word lists at their command sometimes fail to select the best word. Knowing many words and knowing how to use them are not the same credential. Choosing a word that most accurately, effectively, and succinctly expresses an intended meaning is a skill that is teachable. Any writer blessed with judgment and a good work ethic can master this technique of concise writing.