CSmid代考 CS3342 Semester B Mid-Term Sample

CS3342 Semester B Mid-Term Sample MC Questions

CSmid代考 Waterisa continuous medium whereas code comes in discrete chunks (i.e. functions, objects, etc.), so all water-based analogies for 

Software Engineering  CSmid代考

1.Softwareis a product and can be manufactured using the same technologies used for other engineering artifacts.  CSmid代考

a. True


2.Softwaredeterioratesrather than wears out because  CSmid代考

a.    Softwaresuffersfrom exposure to hostile environments

b.Defects are morelikelyto arise after software has been used often

c. Multiplechangerequests introduce errors in component interactions

d. Softwarespare parts become harder to order

  3. Mostsoftwarecontinues to be custom built because  CSmid代考

a.    Component reuse is common in the software world.

b.    Reusablecomponentsare too expensive to use.

c.   Softwareis easier to build without using someone else components.

d. Off-the-shelf software components are unavailable in many application domains.

 4. Whichofthe following can be elements of software systems?  CSmid代考


b. software

c. people


5.Thefunctionality of most computer systems does not need to be enhanced in the lifetime of the system.

a. True


 6.  Changecannotbe easily accommodated in most software systems, unless the system was designed with change in mind. CSmid代考

a. True

b. False

7.   Mostsoftwaredevelopment projects are initiated to try to meet some business need. CSmid代考

a. True

b. False

8.Ingeneral software only succeeds if its behaviour is consistent with the objectives of its designers. CSmid代考

a. True


9.Softwareengineersdo not need to consider hardware when designing a computer-based system.

a. True



10.Toconstruct a system model the engineer should consider which of the following restraining factorsCSmid代考

a. assumptions




11.Anexample of the risk involved in software development is:  CSmid代考

a.    keypersonnelmay resign before the product is complete.

b.themanufacturer of critical components (e.g. the hardware associated with a real-time system) may go bankrupt.

c.    technologychangesmay render the product obsolete.

d.competitorsmay market a fully functional lower-cost equivalent package.

e. All of the above

12.SoftwareEngineeringis best described as:  CSmid代考

a.    thepracticeof designing, building, and maintaining off-the-shelf software from prefabricated parts.

b.   thepracticeof designing, building and maintaining ad-hoc software without the use of formal methods.

c.  the practice of designing, building and maintaining reliable and cost-effective software using standardtechniques.

d.   thepracticeof designing, building and maintaining fast and flexible software specifically for Engineering applications.

e.thepractice of designing, building and maintaining flashy, cheap and buggy software engineered to generate large initially sales and an on-going market for

13.Whatisthe single largest computer-related cost for most organizations?  CSmid代考

a.    Softwareanalysis and design.


c. Software testing.


e. Coca Cola and pizza.

14.Arequirementsspecification is:  CSmid代考

a.    Aroughlist of things that the proposed software ought to do.

b.  Aprecise list of things that the proposed software ought to do.

c.  Aformal list of things that the proposed software must do.

d.Amathematical specification of the exact behaviour of the proposed software.

e.   Anestimateof the resources (time, money, personnel, etc.) which will be required to construct the proposed

15.Thetestingphase of software development doesn't require:  CSmid代考

a.    testingthatthe implementation compiles correctly.

b. testing that the implementation matches the design.

c.    testingthatthe implementation matches the requirements.

d.testingthat the components of the implementation work separately and together.

e.testingthat the implementation interacts correctly with the environment.

16.Systemmaintenanceis necessary because:  CSmid代考

a.    Humansneverget it right the first time.

b. Thedeployment platform may change over time.

c.    Theuser'sneeds may change over time.

d.Allof the above.

e. None of the above.

17.Maintenancemayinvolve:  CSmid代考

a.    onlyadditional coding and testing.

b.onlyadditional analysis and design.

c.    onlyadditionaldesign, coding and testing.

d. any of the development phases, except analysis.

e.any of the development phases.



Software Development Models

1.Whichof the following is not generally considered a player in the software process?



c.  project managers

d.sales people

2..Thelinear sequential model of software development is CSmid代考

a. Areasonableapproach when requirements are well defined.

A good approach when a working program is required quickly.

c. Thebestapproach to use for projects with large development teams.

d. Anold-fashionedmodel that cannot be used in a modern context.

3.Thelinear sequential model of software development is also known as the:


b. Spiral model

c. Waterfall model

d.None of the above

4.Theincremental model of software development is:  CSmid代考

a.    Areasonable approach when requirements are well defined.

b.   Agoodapproach when a working core product is required quickly.

c. Thebest approach to use for projects with large development teams.

d.Arevolutionary model that is not used for commercial products.

5.  Thespiralmodel of software development:

a.    Endswiththe delivery of the software product

Is more chaotic thantheincremental model

Includes project risks evaluation during each iteration

d.None of the above


6. Asimpleway of looking at the spiral software life-cycle model is as a _________ model with each phase preceded by risk analysis.  CSmid代考



c.  Synchronize and stabilize

Formal methods


7.Inan analysis of some of the life cycle models, we can conclude that the __________ model is the best.

a. Waterfall

b.  Spiral

c.    XP

d.Formal method


None of the above.

8.   Processmodelsare described as agile because they  CSmid代考

a. eliminatetheneed for cumbersome documentation

b. emphasizemanoeuvrability and adaptability

c. do not waste development time on planning activities

make extensiveuseof prototype creation

   9.Softwareprocessescan be constructed out of pre-existing software process models to best meet the needs of a software project.

a. True

b. False

10.Whichofthe following is not one of the CBSE activities that take place for requirements that can be addressed with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components?  CSmid代考



c.component design

component qualification

11.Whatare the two parallel engineering activities found the CBSE process model?

a.component-based development and library development

b. domainengineeringand component-based development

c. domain engineering and process development

none of the above

12.Inthemost general sense a component is a modular building block for computer software.  CSmid代考

a. True


13.Softwareengineersalways need to create components from scratch in order to meet customer expectations fully.

a. True



14. Reusablesoftwarecomponents must be  CSmid代考

a.    catalogued for easy reference.

b.   standardizedforeasy application.

c.    validatedforeasy integration.

d.allof the above.

15.Asoftwareprocess model is:  CSmid代考

a. A representation of the way in which software is developed

b.   Arepresentationof the way in which software processes data

c.  A representation of the way in which software is used

d.A representation of the way in which software may fail

e.   Anattractiveyoung person used in the process of selling software

16. TheWaterfallModel is inadequate becauseCSmid代考

a.    Waterisa continuous medium whereas code comes in discrete chunks (i.e. functions, objects, etc.), so all water-based analogies for software development are doomed to failure.

it incorrectlysuggeststhat the sequence of development is a progression from stage to stage, with no backwards steps.

c.    itincorrectly suggests that the sequence of development is a random process of rising and falling fromstage to stage, with backwards progress just as likely as

d.    itincorrectlysuggests that the sequence of development is a process unpredictable in the details, but predictable in its overall effect, like a waterfall.

e.    itincorrectlysuggests that the sequence of software development is susceptible to uncontrollable external and internal forces (analogous to gravity and surface tension).

17.Thefivegeneral phases in the Spiral model are:  CSmid代考

a.    Analysis, Design, Implementation,Testing, and Review

Review, Decision, Engineering, Acceptance, andPlanning

c.  Analysis, Design, Engineering, Testing, and Payment

d.Review, Risk-analysis, Prototyping, Engineering, and Planning

Review, Risk-analysis, Design, Implementation, and Planning

18.TheEngineering phase of the Spiral model incorporates:  CSmid代考


design and implementation

c.  analysis, design, and implementation

d.analysis, design, implementation, and testing

19.TheWaterfall model of software development  CSmid代考

Involvesdevelopinga series of prototypes

Incorporates risk management

c. Is considered the best way to develop software

d.   Suggeststhatone should perform the steps in a sequential manner without

e. Does not allow one to correct any mistakes.


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