compare and contrast essay怎么写-Compare and Contrast Essay写作技巧方法

Compare and Contrast Essay,亦即较为和比照毕业论文,就是指针对2个或两之上事情、状况或全过程的剖析,其主要特点是不能缺乏的2个事情中间类似点和不同之处的论述。易错成语,Compare(较为)指毕业论文所讨论事情中间找寻相同之处的全过程,而Contrast(比照)指找寻事情中间不同之处的全过程。那麼要怎么写好这种Essay呢?文中为大伙儿共享。

Compare and Contrast Essay写作

在较为和比照2个事情之中,大家提议以下边三种方式去进行Compare and Contrast Essay创作:

1)Subject by subject, 亦即我们可以先阐述第一个事情的特性,而在这里进行以后第二个事情里找到于前面一种类似和不同之处。大概架构以下:

开始: It’s better to live on campus than with parents during college times.


  1. 状况1: live on campus

-状况1比照较为点1: advantages (less control, rich social life);

-状况1比照较为点2: disadvantages (missing family, accommodation fees);

  1. 状况2: live with parents

  • 状况2比照较为点1: advantages (parents can help with chores, e.g. laundry and cooking; privacy of your own room);

  • 状况2比照较为点2: disadvantages (fall out of campus life).


2)Point by point,亦即文章正文第一段仅用一个比照较为点来讨论2个事情:

开始: It’s better to live on campus than with parents during college times.


  1. 比照较为点1: parents’ control

  • 状况1(living on campus)You live independently, don’t have as much control;

  • 状况2 (living with parents) Parents can help you with everyday routine and chores.

  1. 比照较为点2: social life

  • 状况1(living on campus)Meeting new people all the time;

  • 状况2 (living with parents) We can have more privacy while still going out with friends when we want to.


3) Compare then contrast, 亦即先进行2个事情中间的类似点, 再去讨论不同点:

开始: It’s better to live on campus than with parents during college times.


  1. 状况1和状况2的类似点

  • you can always get help from roommates or your family;

  • you still see your college friends during classes;

  • if you’re active, you’ll participate in campus life regardless of where you live.

  1. 状况1和状况2的不同之处

  • housework is entirely on your shoulders if you live on campus;

  • you don’t have as much privacy as you had living at home;

  • commute troubles getting to classes from home;

  • accommodation fee if living on campus.

末尾Compare and Contrast Essay写作参考题目

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总而言之来讲,Compare and contrast essay以2个事情中间不同点和相似之处的关系开展剖析并明确提出某类观点。这类创作沒有严苛的撰写规定,学生们能够依照本人创作习惯性去写。关键还记得是Compare and contrast essay尽量有着比照或较为,还可以有二者。在挑选话题讨论的情况下,最好是无需好多个显著不一样或显著类似的事情或状况。一个忽然被发觉的细微差别比好多个大家都知道的客观事实目录可以作出印像更加刻骨铭心,更有优秀论文的实际效果。