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Turnover Problems

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财务essay代写  Employee turnover problems have existed in industries like finance and accounting for a long time. Such problems result..

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Turnover Problems


Employee turnover problems have existed in industries like finance and accounting for a long time. Such problems result in low profits, low job motivation, and inconsistent production. Job upgrades and downgrades for employees are some of the common turnover problems present in industries. In most companies,

job upgrades and pay raise for employees are done after the employee's annual review. This paper discusses the various means of handling employee turnover problems in companies.

Part 1- Job Upgrade财务essay代写

Many employers do not consider upgrading jobs and raising employee salaries until they conduct an annual employee review (McQuerrey, 2018). Employees should, however, always be ready for evaluation, and especially when overlooking a job upgrade or a bonus increase, they should be ready to justify their worth. In the case of Ms.

Shivers, she has an idea concerning promoting employees serving as data entry clerks to being in the GS-5 position. Ms. Shivers has a good reputation for producing good personnel from her training program, causing her to experience a high turnover. To convince her boss about the job upgrading idea, Ms. Shivers has to take a vital process towards justifying to him why the job upgrade is important. First,

Ms. Shivers should keep proper records of the data entry clerks' accomplishments, including each accomplishment's details.  By mentioning and showing the boss of the achievements made by the data entry clerks, the supervisor, and how they were achieved, the boss will have a clearer picture (McQuerrey, 2018).


Secondly, Ms.

Shivers should look ahead and show the boss that besides the clerks' accomplishments and the supervisor, they also plan to accomplish more in the future. She can achieve this by creating a list of ideas concerning improving the workflow and how the ideas can maximize profits. Mrs. Shivers should present the ideas on how the job upgrade would positively impact the company's performance.

She should ensure that all ideas are referring to the company and not to the employees. The reasons for job upgrade should not focus on the sole purpose of gaining prestige, authority, and larger paychecks (McQuerrey, 2018). They should rather be convincing to the boss that they are a way of showing more care to a company's health and its success.

Ms. Shivers should also research the upgrades done by the competing companies on their employees in similar positions. If the company's competitors, who are working on a comparable position with the company's employees, get position upgrades, this should justify the upgrades' need. If she finds out that her boss is below what the competitor is offering the employees,财务essay代写

she should prepare to present the information to the boss (McQuerrey, 2018). However, she should be careful when presenting this information to avoid showing it in a threatening manner. Ms. Shivers should not allow her boss to explore the options with the competitors, but rather show that the individuals working in the job positions are worth the upgrade gotten by any other professional in the field.

Part 2- Solving the Turnover Problem财务essay代写

For Ms. Shivers to deal with the workload turnover problem, she must first acknowledge the present limits. If she gets an unrealistically heavy turnover, she can maintain her control by acknowledging that she cannot deal with it all by herself. Mrs. Shivers should control the heavy workload by rejecting additional work that keeps on coming in the division. This control will enable her to reduce the pilling up of work (Garfinkle n.d).

Failure to acknowledge the existing limits could cause the division to compromise on the quality of work offered to clients. It could also lead to failure in meeting deadlines and lead to low quality of health due to constant fatigue. Rejecting extra workloads could be easier than accepting more work that the division cannot handle with the present employees. Secondly,财务essay代写

Mr. Shivers can use the pick and prioritize strategy by identifying the tasks which require more attention and leaving the rest undone. This method can be done by using the Franklin- Convey method of prioritizing.  The Franklin- Convey method enables the employee to choose tasks depending on their urgency and importance (Garfinkle n.d).

As a manager, Mr.

Shivers can rebalance the workload when it is too high and too demanding from the data entry clerks. She should discuss the tasks they already have with the clerks and identify the appropriate strategy to rebalance ten workloads. Additionally, the manager should set realistic expectations with the divisional data entry clerks. They should ensure that they have considered the present workload and responsibilities before taking in new tasks.

The expectations attached to the workload should also be fair and achievable by being realistic. Mr. Shivers should make her boss aware of the current workload to hold the employees' realistic and fair expectations. Finally, the other means of reducing the turnover problem is delegating the work to the data entry clerks available.

Delegating some of the work will enable Mr. Shivers to get more work done and achieve the needed balance at work. She should engage her boss and share with him the work she is currently handling. Mr. Clayton could help Ms. Shivers deal with some of the work in the division, which will help her improve the division's productivity.财务essay代写

Ms. Shivers can also use additional strategies, such as providing clear descriptions of the work to the data entry clerks and supervisors. Having clear written descriptions of a certain task enables the employees to know their responsibilities and the expectations from the manager (Garfinkle n.d). The employees should also be allowed to have a sense of autonomy to determine for themselves the way of doing their assigned work.

This sense of autonomy will increase the level of motivation of the employees to handle work.


Job upgrade and heavy turnover are some of the turnover problems experienced in workplaces by employees. Turnover problems affect a company's outcomes in that the problems result from low profits, low job motivation, and inconsistent production. Dealing with turnover problems involves taking up plans towards justifying to the employer why the job upgrade is important.

By presenting the proper records of the employees' accomplishments and ideas on how to maximize the company's profits through job upgrades, the employer gets a clearer picture. Job turnover problems can be sorted by delegating workloads among the available workers and rebalancing the available tasks. Setting up realistic expectations and providing clear descriptions of the work to employees also reduces the available workload.



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许多雇主在进行年度员工审查之前才考虑升级工作和提高员工薪水(McQuerrey,2018)。但是,员工应始终准备好进行评估,尤其是在忽略工作升级或奖金增加时,他们应准备证明自己的价值。对于Shivers女士来说,她有一个想法,就是要提升担任数据录入员的员工担任GS-5职位。 Shivers女士因其培训计划中的优秀人才培养而享有很高的声誉,这使她的离职率很高。为了说服她的老板关于工作升级的想法,Shivers女士必须采取一个至关重要的过程,向他证明工作升级为什么很重要的理由。首先,Shivers女士应妥善记录数据录入员的成绩,包括每项成绩的详细信息。通过提及并向老板展示数据录入员,主管和成就的成就,老板将拥有更清晰的画面(McQuerrey,2018)。
其次,Shivers女士应该向前看,向老板展示,除了办事员的成就和主管之外,他们还计划将来做更多的事情。她可以通过创建有关改善工作流程的想法列表以及这些想法如何最大程度地实现利润来实现这一目标。 Shivers女士应提出有关升职将如何对公司业绩产生积极影响的想法。她应该确保所有想法都针对公司而不是员工。提升工作岗位的原因不应仅着眼于获得声望,权威和更大的薪水(McQuerrey,2018)。他们应该向老板说服他们,这是对公司的健康及其成功表示更多关注的一种方式。 Shivers女士还应研究竞争公司对类似职位的员工进行的升级。如果与公司员工处于同等职位的公司竞争对手获得了职位升级,则这应该证明需要进行升级。如果她发现自己的老板低于竞争对手提供给雇员的价格,她应该准备向老板介绍这些信息(McQuerrey,2018)。但是,在显示此信息时,她应该小心,避免以威胁的方式显示它。 Shivers女士不应该让老板与竞争对手探讨选择方案,而应表明在该职位上工作的个人值得该领域其他任何专业人员提升。
为了让Shivers女士处理工作量更替问题,她必须首先承认当前的限制。如果她的营业额不切实际,她可以承认自己不能独自应对所有问题,从而保持自己的控制权。 Shivers夫人应该通过拒绝继续从事该部门的其他工作来控制繁重的工作量。这种控制将使她减少工作堆积(Garfinkle n.d)。如果不承认现有的限制,可能会导致该部门在提供给客户的工作质量上做出妥协。由于持续的疲劳,这也可能导致无法按时完成任务并导致健康质量下降。拒绝额外的工作量可能比接受部门无法为现有员工处理的更多工作容易。其次,Shivers先生可以通过使用选择和优先级排序策略来确定需要更多关注的任务,而其余任务则不做。可以通过使用Franklin-Convey优先级排序方法来完成此方法。 Franklin-Convey方法使员工能够根据他们的紧迫性和重要性来选择任务(Garfinkle n.d)。
Yíngyè é wèntí保留当前工作量,以保持员工的现实和公平期望。最后,减少营业额问题的另一种方法是将工作委托给可用的数据录入员。委派一些工作将使Shivers先生能够完成更多工作,并在工作中达到所需的平衡。她应该聘请老板,并与他分享她目前正在处理的工作。克莱顿先生可以帮助Shivers女士处理该部门的一些工作,这将有助于她提高该部门的生产率。
Shivers女士还可以使用其他策略,例如为数据输入文员和主管提供清晰的工作描述。对某项任务有清晰的书面说明,使员工能够了解自己的职责和对经理的期望(Garfinkle n.d)。还应该允许员工具有自主权,以便自己确定完成分配工作的方式。这种自主意识将提高员工处理工作的动力。