A Detailed Guide On How To Write A Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is one in which you tell a story or about an event. Factors like format, point of view, topic, etc. make the perfect narrative essay. For your benefit, here is a detailed guide on how to write a narrative essay.

#1 What Is a Narrative Essay Outline or Narrative Essay Format?

Like any other essay, the narrative essay outline or the narrative essay format follows the same guidelines. The said guidelines refer to the standard requirement of 5 paragraphs. Starting with an introductory paragraph, the next in line are 3 body paragraphs that narrate the story that you are aiming towards. The essay ends with a concluding paragraph.

#2 Examples for Narrative Essay Topics:

Narrative essays are quite commonly taught and practised. If you too are writing one and are looking for some inspiration for topics, here a few examples of narrative essay topics.

1. “My Trip To Greece”
2. “Last Year’s Vacation With My Family”
3. “My Most Memorable Birthday Party”
4. “An Unforgettable Adventure”
5. “My First Day Of School”
6. “How I Met My Best Friend”
7. “A Dangerous Accident In A Foreign City”
8. “An Experience That Changed Me”
9. “How I Got Through My Academic Failure”
10. “A Weird Incident At The Park”

#3 Tips on How to Write a Narrative Essay:

Writing an essay can be a demanding task, but not impossible. The format and formalities may be daunting but do not fret, here is a complete guide on how to write a narrative essay. Follow these handy and you will have the perfect essay ready in no time.

1. What Is The Topic?
First and foremost, you need to come up with a topic for your narrative essay. Whether you are writing an essay, story, or a newspaper article, having a topic prepared is necessary because that is the first step to deciding what you are going to write.

2. Make A Draft:

When you are writing anything, including a narrative essay, it is best to start with a draft. Creating a draft is widely encouraged because it arranges a kind of framework for your essay. Moreover, it also gives space for medication and fixing mistakes.

3. What Does The Story Contain?

Writing a narrative essay inevitably contains telling a story (hence why it is called a narrative essay). In such cases, you should put together the elements in your story so that you can have a better idea of how to form the following paragraphs.

4. Set A Point Of View:

Another important factor that will help in following the proper narrative essay outline is setting a point of view. It will help tell the story better. If the point of view keeps changing, it will throw the format off balance.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Details:

Adding unnecessary details can make your narrative essay weightless and uninteresting. The extra length will make the essay fail in retaining the reader’s attention and interest.

6. Narrate The Events In A Chronological Order.

The best way to go with for writing a narrative essay is to mention the events of your story in chronological order. Otherwise, it will make it seem like your essay is all over the place.

7. Make Sure That The Format Is Clear:

You can’t call it a narrative essay if it does not follow the correct format, can you? Luckily, the narrative essay format is convenient and easy to work on. So, make sure that the format is clear if you want the perfect essay.

8. Make It Grammatically Correct:

This one goes without saying. The perfect essay needs to be grammatically correct. If not, it will be considered as a rookie mistake and your essay will be rejected.

9. Strictly Avoid Plagiarism:

It is a rule that all institutions follow strictly. Plagiarism can lead to the immediate cancellation of your essay. You can read other essays for inspiration and ideas, but its best no to just copy and paste.

10. Get It Double Checked:

Once you’re done with your essay, get it checked from a friend or any professional writing service. That will help in pointing out any mistakes or adjustments in narrative essay topics that you might have missed earlier.

Follow this easy guide on how to write a narrative essay and guarantee an A grade!