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Sociology of Aging and Elderly



社会犯罪学代写  According to the chapter, the problems which the elderly undergo at the hands of their caregivers are as a result

Question 1:

  1. Describe the problems associated with the housing for the aged.

According to the chapter, the problems which the elderly undergo at the hands of their caregivers are as a result of their dependence due to deteriorated physical abilities (pg. 289). The elderly become weak biologically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually thus extending support to them is required.

One of the problems they face is physical abuse. In pg. 289, the chapter explains the various mistreatments an elderly person can undergo, physical maltreatment being of them. It further explains some of the signs of physical abuse which include bruises, wounds, broken objects, et cetera. Another problem is sexual abuse which mostly involves rape. Elderly women are the one most affected by the type of crime. To know if they are sexually mistreated the signs include bruised genitals, venereal diseases, or torn clothes. Because older people are weak emotionally, some become emotionally and psychologically drained when they feel ridiculed, insulted, mocked, ignored, or left alone. When they develop the emotional condition, they tend to be withdrawn from others and upset. And lastly, they are likely to be neglected by those charged to take care of them.  A neglected person is dirty and unkept. They also tend to have minor sicknesses with no one to take care of them.


描述与老年人住房相关的问题。 社会犯罪学代写


他们面临的问题之一是身体虐待。在pg。 289,本章介绍了老年人可能遭受的各种虐待,其中包括身体虐待。它进一步解释了一些身体虐待的迹象,包括瘀伤,伤口,破碎的物体等。另一个问题是性虐待,主要涉及强奸。老年妇女是受犯罪类型影响最大的妇女。要知道他们是否受到过性虐待,这些迹象包括生殖器瘀伤,性病或衣服破烂。由于老年人的情感软弱,有些人在感到嘲笑,侮辱,嘲笑,无视或独自一人时会在情感和心理上感到筋疲力尽。当他们发展出情绪状态时,他们往往会从他人中抽身而烦恼。最后,负责照顾他们的人可能会忽略他们。被忽视的人是肮脏的,没有被照料。他们也容易患上轻微疾病,没有人照顾他们。 社会犯罪学代写


  1. When you become elderly where do you want to be housed and why?

At my old age, I would like to stay in my home with a person to take care of me. This will give me the opportunity to interact with my grandchildren while at the same time support my children where possible. Using my vast knowledge and experience, I will offer emotional, consultations, moral, et cetera supports my family. My home will also give the satisfaction and happiness I will require at my old age.

Question 2: Should older people be forced to stop working when they reach a certain age?

I am of the opinion that old people should retire when they reach retirement age. In support of this, pg. 287 state that old people become weak and vulnerable and they “loss of independence…,… the diminished physical ability.”  The logic is, at the age of over 60 years the level of productivity diminishes thus the ability to make rational choices and perform complicated tasks may be affected. When this happens, he/she will be a liability to the organization. Therefore, most countries have set the retirement age at around 60 to 70 years, and every working adult is aware. This becomes automatic as long as one has reached the retirement age.





我认为老年人应在退休年龄时退休。为此,pg。 287年指出,老年人变得虚弱和脆弱,他们“失去独立……,……身体能力下降”。逻辑是,在60岁以上的年龄,生产力水平会下降,因此做出合理选择和执行复杂任务的能力可能会受到影响。发生这种情况时,他/她将对该组织承担责任。因此,大多数国家将退休年龄定在60至70岁左右,每个在职成年人都知道。只要一个人达到退休年龄,这就会自动进行。 社会犯罪学代写

Response to discussion

Question 1

The students’ answer to the first part is correct but failed to expound on their solution in context chapter 13. Instead, they gave a personal opinion which was biased with emotions. In support of their, they quoted pg. 289 which states “Elder abuse occurs when a caretaker intentionally deprives an older person of care or harms the person in his or her charge.” In answering the second part, they got it wrong for wanting a luxurious lifestyle when they become old. Old age is not a holiday tour where one is taken to a beach in a luxurious home. These are desires for young and adults who are still energetic enough to work.



学生对第一部分的回答是正确的,财务essay代写 但未能在上下文第13章中阐述他们的解决方案。相反,他们给出了因情感而带有偏见的个人见解。 为了支持他们,他们引用了pg。 289号文件指出,“当看护人故意剥夺老年人照料或损害其职责时,老年人受到虐待。” 在回答第二部分时,他们误以为自己老了就想过一种奢侈的生活方式。 老年旅行并不是假日旅行,在豪华家庭中,人们会被带到海滩。 这些都是年轻人和成年人的渴望,他们仍然精力充沛,可以工作。社会犯罪学代写


Question 2

The students were able to quote the reason why old people should not continue working. They stated that "As expected, with the biology of aging, the elderly sometimes become physically frail" (Pg. 289). This statement is evidence that a person who is old is not likely to be productive at their work. However, I don’t support the students’ response in support of allowing the old people to retire when they want. Furthermore, their support seems contracting their statement.



学生们能够引用老年人不应该继续工作的原因。 他们说:“正如预期的那样,随着年龄的增长,老年人有时会身体虚弱”(第289页)。 这句话证明,一个年纪大的人不可能在他们的工作上富有成果。 但是,我不支持学生的反应以支持允许老年人在他们想要的时候退休。 此外,他们的支持似乎使他们的声明缩水了。 社会犯罪学代写


Openstax, College. Introduction to Sociology. Openstax College, 2016.


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