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Market research report

电子商务代写  Neiman Marcus is an American Luxury department store chain ,  Where designer apparel for men, women, and kids, along with..


Neiman Marcus is an American Luxury department store chain ,  Where designer apparel for men, women, and kids, along with home and living items by designers are easily available. The store has a wide distribution network and is situated throughout America, in Boston, New York,

New Jersey, and other major cities. This luxury departmental chain is owned by the Neiman Marcus group. Their headquarters are situated in Dallas, Texas , And  the company was founded in 1907 , And it was considered an immense hit by customers.

With the rise of digital technology and e-commerce portals ,  The overall luxury departmental store industry has suffered a severe decline in terms of industry performance. More and more customers are opting to purchase products online , Instead of actually going to the brick and mortar .  Versions of those stores.

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Neiman Marcus 是一家美国奢侈品百货连锁店,在这里可以轻松获得男士、女士和儿童的设计师服装以及设计师的家居和生活用品。 该店拥有广泛的分销网络,遍布美国各地,在波士顿、纽约、

新泽西州和其他主要城市。 这家奢侈品部门连锁店归 Neiman Marcus 集团所有。 他们的总部位于德克萨斯州达拉斯,该公司成立于 1907 年,被客户认为是一个巨大的打击。

随着数字技术和电子商务门户的兴起,奢侈品百货行业整体的行业表现出现了严重下滑。 越来越多的客户选择在线购买产品,而不是实际去实体店。 这些商店的版本。

Same is the case with luxury departmental stores.

The companies which have launched their online portals are still able  . To make revenues and generate profits, however, those stores which are solely operating as brick and mortar stores are suffering due to continued online retail growth (IBIS World Research Report, 2018).

At the same time, it is expected that in the upcoming five years till 2023, improved consumer spending and disposable income will encourage spending at department stores, which will offset some of the period's declines (IBIS World Research Report, 2018).

译文:奢侈品百货公司也是如此。  电子商务代写

已推出其在线门户网站的公司仍然可以。 然而,为了赚取收入并产生利润,那些仅作为实体店运营的商店因在线零售的持续增长而受到影响(IBIS 世界研究报告,2018 年)。

同时,预计到 2023 年的未来五年内,消费者支出和可支配收入的改善将鼓励百货商店的支出,这将抵消部分期间的下降(IBIS 世界研究报告,2018 年)。

Porter’s Five Forces Model

Porter’s five forces model is one of the most widely used tool for developing strategy and understanding the dynamics of the business. It takes a closer look at the threats that the industry had to offer along with emerging opportunities. At the same time, it allows us to look at the substitutes available,

and look at the competition in the industry, and based on the analysis decide the way forward for the company.

Suppliers/ Buyers of Luxury Departmental Store

While Neiman Marcus caters to men, women and kids, the primary target audience for this luxury departmental store is women between the age of 40-65 years. This consumer is loves fashion and designer products and typically earns $500,000 plus per year, which allows her to indulge in such activities.

The target buyer is usually from a prestigious family and is a married woman with children, owing multiple houses and cars. During her free time, she engages in charitable activities, while at the same time, she also focuses on humanitarian activities, and lives in urban to sub-urban localities.

The bargaining power of buyers is moderate to negligible because since the store is offering branded products, customers are willing to buy those designer products at face value instead of bargaining for them.

译文:波特五力模型  电子商务代写




虽然 Neiman Marcus 迎合男性、女性和儿童,但这家奢侈品百货公司的主要目标受众是 40-65 岁的女性。这位消费者热爱时尚和设计师产品,通常每年收入超过 500,000 美元,这使她能够沉迷于此类活动。




However, when it comes to the suppliers,

Neiman Marcus suppliers consist of the designer brands, at the same time, the inventory management system stakeholders like warehouse specialists and distribution system consists of third party vendors taking care of their logistics.

TPL partners are extremely important when it comes to online sales in order to ensure that the value chain network is strong and the customers receive their products on or before time. Since there are limited specialty retail stores, therefore, the bargaining power of suppliers is also moderate.

Potential and Current New Entrants

The potential new entrants could be other departmental stores expanding their products offerings to include designer products, or increase of the outlets owned by the designer fashion brands themselves, as that would also cannibalize the sales.

Additionally, there are many designer products which are only available online and e-commerce portals may emerge in the future which specialize in selling designer products only online, which may grab a huge chunk of the online target audience.

译文:然而,当谈到供应商时, 电子商务代写

Neiman Marcus 供应商由设计师品牌组成,同时,库存管理系统利益相关者(如仓库专家和分销系统)由负责物流的第三方供应商组成。 在在线销售方面,TPL 合作伙伴非常重要,以确保价值链网络强大,客户及时或提前收到他们的产品。由于专业零售店有限,因此供应商的议价能力也适中。 潜在和当前的新进入者 潜在的新进入者可能是其他百货公司扩大其产品供应以包括设计师产品,或增加设计师时装品牌自己拥有的门店,因为这也会蚕食销售额。 此外,有许多设计师产品只能在线购买,未来可能会出现专门在线销售设计师产品的电子商务门户,这可能会吸引大量的在线目标受众。

The company needs to be wary of such companies and entrants to the field.

With digital marketing, entering the industry has become much easier, and all the threats and barriers to entry which used to be there before, are no longer there if a brand is only offering products and services online. Therefore, the company needs to keep an eye on the emerging brands which are solely focused on online marketing.

While it will be difficult for new entrants to gain license of the already available designer products, it would not be that difficult for them to gain license of new and upcoming designer brands.


有了数字营销,进入这个行业变得更加容易,如果一个品牌只在网上提供产品和服务,所有以前存在的威胁和进入壁垒都将不复存在。 因此,公司需要密切关注仅专注于在线营销的新兴品牌。


Available Substitutes

Available substitutes for Neiman Marcus includes all those products which are not designer and can be easily substituted for the for the designer products based on the competitive rates they offer. One thing that needs to be understood is that substitutes can be anything, for them,

departmental stores that offer cheaper brands can also become a substitute, as the number of consumers for such items are far greater than the niche that Neiman Marcus targets. Additionally, anybody who purchases from the brand’s own store instead of Neiman Marcus, would also fall into the category of having a substitute.

In order to ascertain, whether only offering designer brands which are priced at premium rates, would be better or whether they should also expand their product offerings to include fashion items available at nominal rates would increase their equity and revenue, they need to understand the industry trends and how well their loyal customers are faring.

译文:可用的替代品  电子商务代写

Neiman Marcus 的可用替代品包括所有非设计师产品,并且可以根据它们提供的有竞争力的价格轻松替代设计师产品。 需要理解的一件事是替代品可以是任何东西,对他们来说,

提供更便宜品牌的百货公司也可以成为替代品,因为此类商品的消费者数量远远超过 Neiman Marcus 的目标细分市场。 此外,任何从该品牌自己的商店而不是 Neiman Marcus 购买的人,也属于有替代品的范畴。

为了确定只提供以溢价定价的设计师品牌是否会更好,或者他们是否也应该扩大产品供应以包括以名义价格提供的时尚商品会增加他们的权益和收入,他们需要了解这个行业 趋势以及他们的忠实客户的表现如何。

Rivals in the Industry

Major competitors of Neiman Marcus consist of Barneys New York Inc., Dillards, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Saks Incorporated, as they too specialize in the distribution of designer brands and products. Indirectly, special retailers, high end departmental stores, and designer brand’s own outlets,

and national apparel chains also come under its competition. The company is facing intense competition from these, and as the competition begins expanding and introduces new services, which are more focused towards their online stores, the company needs to step up its game by introducing a robust digital marketing strategy, which it has introduced by calling it “Digital First” (Retail Dive, 2017).

译文:行业竞争对手  电子商务代写

Neiman Marcus 的主要竞争对手包括 Barneys New York Inc.、Dillards、Bloomingdales、Nordstrom、Macy's 和 Saks Incorporated,因为它们也专注于设计师品牌和产品的分销。 间接地,特约零售商、高端百货商店和设计师品牌自有网点,

和民族服装连锁店也受到竞争。 该公司正面临着来自这些方面的激烈竞争,随着竞争开始扩大并推出新的服务,这些服务更侧重于他们的在线商店,该公司需要通过引入强大的数字营销策略来加强竞争,它已由 称其为“数字优先”(Retail Dive,2017 年)。

Analysis of Porter’s 5 Forces Model

Porter’s five forces have been discussed in detail, and based on that Neiman Marcus needs to focus on online marketing. The digital era calls for brands which are active not only on the store front but also online. More and more people prefer purchasing products from the confines of their homes, and then excitedly anticipating their arrival. Therefore,

the larger chunk of the business is expected to come .  From online platforms and primarily through the efforts of digital marketing. At the same time the competitive strategy of Neiman Marcus should be differentiation through its customer service, as the products are those which are already available at its competitors’ stores.

However, if the company is able to get a license for one of the emerging and high in demand designer products, and contracts with them to make the products available only at their outlets then that would give them a competitive advantage over others.

The sales staff should be taught the key tactics of customer service .  So that the customers can not only have a delightful experience but also become loyal customers. Integrating latest technological innovations in its .  System should be one of the key tactics that the company utilizes in order to remain competitive and compete with .  The other companies offering similar services.

The key is deriving maximum sales through online mediums and focusing on those for better services.

译文:波特五力模型分析  电子商务代写

波特的五种力量已经详细讨论过,基于此,Neiman Marcus 需要专注于在线营销。数字时代要求品牌不仅在店面而且在网上都很活跃。越来越多的人喜欢在家中购买产品,然后兴奋地期待它们的到来。所以,

预计更大的业务将出现。来自在线平台,主要是通过数字营销的努力。同时,Neiman Marcus 的竞争战略应该是通过其客户服务来实现差异化,因为产品是那些已经在其竞争对手的商店中可用的产品。


应该向销售人员传授客户服务的关键策略。使顾客不仅能有愉快的体验,还能成为忠实的顾客。在其 .系统应该是公司用来保持竞争力和与之竞争的关键策略之一。其他提供类似服务的公司。


Competitiveness and Attractiveness of the Industry

There is not as intense competition amongst .  The brick and mortar stores as there is amongst online retailers as there are far more competitors in the online. In terms of attractiveness  . Of the industry, as mentioned earlier, the industry overall is not performing well due to an increase in online sales.

The company needs to understand that the industry overall .  Is not performing well and that the sales  . On the outlets are being affected by the online sales, with more and more customers preferring .  To purchase products online than actually visit the stores and then buy them.

Therefore, the company should focus on online marketing more ,  And must even consider shifting its business entirely online, making it the primary focus, by increasing the territories they can cover through distribution and improved logistics.

译文:行业竞争力和吸引力  电子商务代写

之间没有那么激烈的竞争。 实体店就像在线零售商中一样,因为在线上的竞争对手要多得多。 在吸引力方面。 行业中,如前文所述,由于线上销售的增加,行业整体表现不佳。

公司需要了解整个行业。 表现不佳,销售情况不佳。 网点上也受到线上销售的影响,越来越多的顾客选择。 在线购买产品而不是实际访问商店然后购买。



To conclude, I would like to state the Porter’s five forces has allowed us  . To gain a clearer perspective of the competitive market in which Neiman Marcus is performing . It has allowed us to gain insight regarding  . The current trends of the industry and while there is not much competition where the stores are concerned,

It is the digital realm where the true fight takes place  . And it is there where the company will need to focus and strengthen its presence. With a good delivery system and a 3PL partner which will allow them to deliver products  . In a couple of days ,   They can not only gain a lead over the competition, But can also create a loyal customer base,

译文:结论  电子商务代写

最后,我想说波特的五股力量允许我们这样做。 更清晰地了解 Neiman Marcus 所在的竞争市场。 它使我们能够深入了解 . 目前的行业趋势,虽然商店没有太多竞争,

这是真正的战斗发生的数字领域。 正是在那里,公司需要重点关注并加强其影响力。 拥有良好的交付系统和 3PL 合作伙伴,这将使他们能够交付产品。 几天之内,他们不仅可以在竞争中取得领先,而且还可以建立忠实的客户群,

which is primarily focused on online shopping.

At the same time, the company should continue marketing to enhance their presence in stores and make it .  A pleasant shopping experience for the customers, as this too will become their strength .  To tap into the market for those customers who prefer shopping by physically being present at the outlet.

译文:这主要集中在网上购物。  电子商务代写

同时,公司应继续营销,以增强其在商店中的存在并使其成为现实。 为顾客带来愉快的购物体验,因为这也将成为他们的强项。 为那些喜欢亲自到店购物的顾客开拓市场。


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