法律代写 – The Inseparability of Law and Narrative

The Inseparability of Law and Narrative



法律report代写  Robert Cover wrote the article for the Supreme Court 1982 Term in the Harvard Law Review. In his review, Cover introduces the..


Human narratives define world law.  法律代写

Robert Cover wrote the article for the Supreme Court 1982 Term in the Harvard Law Review. In his review, Cover introduces the “Nomos and narrative” as part of the conventions used in the law. As people define what is right or wrong, they also create the norm through which law is practiced.

The law itself is stored in for of narrative absence of which it would remain unknown and not practiced. In this regard, the law and narrative are inseparable.“Sectarian communities differ from most – but not all – other communities in the degree to which they establish a nomos of their own.

They characteristically construct their own hierarchies of norms. More importantly, they identify their own paradigms for lawful behavior and reduce the state to just one element, albeit an important one, in the normative environment” (cover p. 33).


罗伯特·科夫(Robert Cover)在《哈佛法律评论》(Harvard Law Review)上为1982年最高法院的任期撰写文章。 Cover在其评论中介绍了“规范和叙述”作为法律中使用的惯例的一部分。 当人们定义对与错时,他们也创造了实践法律的规范。

法律本身是为缺乏叙述而存储的,因此它仍然是未知的并且不会被实践。 在这方面,法律和叙述是密不可分的。

他们具有特征性地构建自己的规范层次结构。 更重要的是,他们确定了自己的合法行为范式,并将国家在规范化的环境中简化为一个要素,尽管是重要的要素”(第33页)。


According to the text above and in the context of the narrative  法律代写

each community defines its behaviors, mainly which constitute the law, to follows a distinct set of norms identifiable in that community. Therefore, it means that what is the norm for one community may differ to the other, but they all constitute the one single and perhaps similar element of the law.

In this regard, the law is considered to be inherently connected to the normative environments to which communities function. That is, laws are derived from the generally accepted community norms and which collectively contribute to the widely accepted conduct.


每个社区定义其行为(主要是构成法律的行为),以遵循该社区可识别的一组不同准则。 因此,这意味着一个社区的规范可能与另一个社区有所不同,但它们都构成法律的一个单一且可能相似的要素。

在这方面,法律被认为与社区所发挥作用的规范环境有着内在的联系。 也就是说,法律源于普遍接受的社区规范,它们共同为广泛接受的行为做出了贡献。

The narrative in law plays critical roles in legal discourse.  法律代写

More so, narratives create ways through which the jurisprudence is communicated, provision of legislative laws, and explanations of the ratio decidendi of the judicial decision. At the basics of the application of the law is the use of narratives in the forms of charges of the indictment, complaints,

legal briefings, appellate judgments, rule commentaries and more. Therefore, the various documents of law become orally transmittable and transferrable and hence reusable as precedents. Thus, the narrative has become the subject of in law both civil, common and mixed as well as in the reconstruction of events in the judicial proceedings.

In the context to the sectarian communities, the norms are found in narratives forms which themselves constitute the law. The community norms form the basis on which behavior is judged. As a legal discourse, they are easily transferred for generations and hence persist as long as they remain relevant.





When any of the norms are contravened  法律代写

a contest of narratives is given as to what led to the adversity and which norm or common rule applicable. The narrative provides the jurors, witnesses, accused and complainer the opportunity to share in the common understanding of the charge and applicable law. Therefore, narrative in law can be construed as the contingent nature of giving justice.

In this context, the application of norms in communities is dependent on narratives. The passage is corresponding to the argument of the whole article on the inseparability of law and narrative. For community norms to be applied as appropriate guides to behavior,

they have to be stored in the forms of narratives which every individual in that community understands. Therefore, it is not only the law that is integral to the narrative but also the norms in the sectarian community.


针对导致逆境的原因以及适用的规范或共同规则进行了叙述性比赛。 叙事为陪审员,证人,被告和申诉人提供了分享对指控和适用法律的共同理解的机会。 因此,法律叙事可以解释为伸张正义的偶然性。

在这种情况下,规范在社区中的应用取决于叙述。 这段话对应于整篇关于法律与叙事不可分割的论点。 为了将社区规范作为适当的行为指南,

它们必须以该社区中每个人都能理解的叙述形式存储。 因此,不仅是叙述不可或缺的法律,也是宗派共同体中的规范。



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