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数据分析代写  Automobile Industry is seen as one of the most rapidly growing supply chains throughout the face of history. We have observed that..


Automobile Industry is seen as one of the most rapidly growing supply chains throughout the face of history. We have observed that Automobile have made new innovations with the technological advancements on the planet. We can easily notice if we look around different industries how important has been the role of Automobiles in their supply chains.

Whether it be the assembly line of Ford or the efficient production by Toyota, Automobile Companies have made numerous advancements in its supply chain. But if we specifically talk about electric vehicles the name which comes in our mind is obviously Tesla. (Schreiber, 2013) One of the main reasons of how Tesla became one of the largest companies within 20 years of Incorporation was its innovation in the supply chain with each passing day.

The goals of tesla are clearly visible in its supply chain as we can see that how tesla is motivated in making products which makes earth a better place by not using earth’s depleting resources. Tesla is providing numerous nature friendly products like Solar Panels, Batteries, Charging stations and even computers. (Rangaiah, 2020)

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无论是福特的装配线,还是丰田的高效生产,汽车公司都在其供应链上取得了无数进步。但如果我们专门谈论电动汽车,我们脑海中浮现的名字显然是特斯拉。 (Schreiber,2013 年)特斯拉在成立 20 年内成为最大公司之一的主要原因之一是其在供应链中日新月异的创新。

特斯拉的目标在其供应链中清晰可见,因为我们可以看到特斯拉如何积极地制造产品,通过不使用地球枯竭的资源来使地球变得更美好。特斯拉正在提供许多自然友好的产品,如太阳能电池板、电池、充电站甚至电脑。 (兰盖亚,2020)


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Tesla has created a supply chain of its own where its responsibilities extend from making the battery for their car to providing customer care to all its customers. Tesla has adopted the vertical supply chain integration model where it tries have impact on each stage on each step of the supply chain as much as possible.

(O’Marah, 2016) To make its supply chain more efficient Tesla has taken several important decisions like Elon decided to have production of its parts in USA rather than most other competitors who look for China or Japan to save time and transportation cost. (Montgomery, 2019).

As we already discussed that Tesla has gone with the vertical supply chain integration model so to comply with this, Tesla has also rejected the traditional franchise-dealers model. (Tao, 2014) It was also estimated that by using this direct selling model Tesla saves about 9% of customers money which is generally given to these dealers as commission.

Moreover, this model also benefits the company as it reduces their capital risk significantly. And inventory management also becomes easier and they tend to have low inventory level. And the advancement in technology has also helped this model significantly. As with passing time more people have access to internet so they have provided the option to their customers to order their tesla online using their website. By choosing this option the customers get their tesla at their doorstep. (Investopedia)

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(O'Marah,2016)为了提高其供应链的效率,特斯拉做出了多项重要决定,例如 Elon 决定在美国生产零部件,而不是大多数其他寻找中国或日本的竞争对手,以节省时间和运输成本。 (蒙哥马利,2019 年)。

正如我们已经讨论过的,特斯拉走的是垂直供应链整合模式,为了顺应这一点,特斯拉也拒绝了传统的特许经销商模式。 (Tao, 2014) 据估计,通过使用这种直销模式,特斯拉可以节省大约 9% 的客户钱,这些钱通常作为佣金提供给这些经销商。

此外,这种模式也有利于公司,因为它显着降低了他们的资本风险。而且库存管理也变得更加容易,而且库存水平往往较低。技术的进步也极大地帮助了这种模式。随着时间的推移,越来越多的人可以访问互联网,因此他们为客户提供了使用他们的网站在线订购特斯拉的选项。通过选择此选项,客户可以在家门口获得特斯拉。 (投资百科)

As the technological advancements come

We also saw how Tesla improved their production line with it. They have established a large battery factory in Nevada. (Box Around the World, 2019) Now it is producing top quality batteries which allow Tesla to give 8 years warranty on their battery.

To provide the best customer service Tesla has also given a option which no other Automobile company think of giving which is to provide the 3 year return option to sell the car back at its original price. Tesla has made perfect use of advancing technology to provide the best customer service to its customers. This shows their high focus on Customer Relationship Management.(Harvard, 2020)

Tesla has also made numerous innovations it its cars with the technological advancements. (Hareyan, 2017) Tesla have ensured that they utilize the maximum benefits from Artificial Intelligence and this can be seen in the updates they have done on their cars. They recently signed a contract with Nvidia for the AI integrated GPS chips.

These chips will ensure that that the car is not only navigated on the empty roads but also within the city which is full of traffic. This step brings them one step closer to their goal of making driver less cars. These chips work in pairs to make guide the car more efficiently in the traffic. (Rangaiah, 2020) Like this there are numerous examples where Tesla has used technology to make their car more updated.

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我们还看到了特斯拉如何用它改进他们的生产线。他们在内华达州建立了一个大型电池工厂。 (Box Around the World, 2019) 现在它生产高品质电池,让特斯拉能够为其电池提供 8 年保修。 为了提供最好的客户服务,特斯拉还提供了其他汽车公司都没有想到的选项,即提供 3 年退货选项,以原价出售汽车。特斯拉充分利用先进技术为客户提供最好的客户服务。这表明他们对客户关系管理的高度重视。(哈佛,2020 年) 随着技术的进步,特斯拉还对其汽车进行了多项创新。 (Hareyan,2017 年)特斯拉确保他们利用人工智能的最大好处,这可以从他们对汽车进行的更新中看出。他们最近与英伟达签署了一份关于人工智能集成 GPS 芯片的合同。 这些芯片将确保汽车不仅可以在空旷的道路上行驶,而且可以在车水马龙的城市中行驶。这一步使他们离制造无人驾驶汽车的目标又近了一步。这些芯片成对工作,以便在交通中更有效地引导汽车。 (Rangaiah,2020 年)像这样,特斯拉使用技术使他们的汽车更加更新的例子不胜枚举。

Commonly companies solve their supply chain related issues either by heavy investments or by innovations.

Tesla surely has a large pool of investment but rather it looks for innovations to tackle their supply chain related issues. Tesla has also used the Artificial Intelligence for efficient management of supply chain. (Xaltius, 2021) The decisions by Tesla are data driven and go hand to hand with technological advancements more than any other Automobile company.

Tesla has used the available data efficiently to allocate its efforts and resources in the right place. Reports have shown that using data for efficient production can increase your profits by more than 4%. So Tesla has used this concept seriously and efficiently shaped its supply chain to get the best results. Tesla has also ensured that it completes the loop of using the data effectively in pre-production and post-production.

This enables the whole process from production to distribution based on data. (Hassan, 2019)

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特斯拉肯定拥有大量投资,但它更倾向于寻求创新来解决与供应链相关的问题。 特斯拉还使用人工智能来高效管理供应链。 (Xaltius,2021 年)特斯拉的决策是由数据驱动的,并且比任何其他汽车公司都更与技术进步密切相关。

特斯拉有效地利用可用数据将其努力和资源分配到正确的位置。 报告显示,使用数据进行高效生产可以使您的利润增加 4% 以上。 所以特斯拉认真地运用了这个概念,并有效地塑造了它的供应链,以获得最好的结果。 特斯拉还确保它完成了在前期制作和后期制作中有效使用数据的循环。

这使得从生产到分销的整个过程基于数据成为可能。 (哈桑,2019)


Impact of Digitalization:

If we ask people about the affects of digitalization and technological advancements most will consider it as beneficial for our Society. Surely technological advancements have taken us to the future as things which used to look impossible in the past our now just one click away. The use of digitalization is becoming necessary in every aspect of our society ranging from our households to big corporations.

Today about 90% companies think that they cannot compete in these times without digitization. (Larison, 2018) And this is the reason why most of the companies are motivated in spending their significant budget on innovation and digitalization. They believe that by the help of innovations the production becomes more cost efficient and fast. So, to facilitate the society on a whole they have to set innovation as their top priority.

Digitalization brings tons of benefits with it. Firstly, it has brought required information just a click away. (Editorial Team, 2020) You don’t have to spent an hour to look for a solution in the book but now you just type it on Google and its in front of you. In the past communications has a lot of barriers associated with it like weather, distance and others.

But the modern era of technology has broken all these shackles converting days to seconds. You don’t have to post a letter and wait for it to deliver and then wait for answer but now WhatsApp does all of this within seconds. This era of media and technology has also provided us more freedom to express our ideas. You don’t have to call a meeting to share your ideas but you can do it on social media.

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今天,大约 90% 的公司认为,如果没有数字化,他们就无法在这个时代竞争。 (拉里森,2018 年)这就是为什么大多数公司都愿意将大量预算用于创新和数字化的原因。他们相信,在创新的帮助下,生产变得更具成本效益和速度。因此,为了从整体上促进社会,他们必须将创新作为首要任务。

数字化带来了很多好处。首先,它带来了所需的信息,只需点击一下。 (编辑团队,2020 年)您不必花一个小时在书中寻找解决方案,而现在您只需在 Google 上输入它,它就在您面前。在过去,通信有很多与之相关的障碍,例如天气、距离等。

但是现代技术时代打破了所有这些束缚,将数天转换为秒。您不必发布信件并等待它交付然后等待答复,但现在 WhatsApp 可以在几秒钟内完成所有这些。这个媒体和技术时代也为我们提供了更多表达想法的自由。您不必召开会议来分享您的想法,但您可以在社交媒体上进行。  数据分析代写

This era of digitalization has also bought thousands of opportunities along with it.

Technology came with thousands of new career options. And to avail these options you have to learn new skills which increased literacy compared to the past. Moreover, the era of digitalization has also bought media and advertisement with it so that customers are aware of all available options (European Central Bank, 2018). And this also motivated the corporations to work more harder to satisfy their customers.

But as you know that every shiny side also has a darker side so to go this theory digitalization also has some disadvantages associated with it. It threatens your security and privacy as your information is more easily available than it was available in the past. (Goodman, 2021) And this easily available information invites numerous unethical individuals to steal this information and misuse it.

People also argue that it has not bring people closer but rather created distances between them. We don’t meet with others in the same manner we use to do in the past. Moreover, as technology has created thousands of new employment opportunities it has also destroyed thousands (WE Forum, 2021). Millions of labors are replaced with machinery in the recent past.

The work of 10 people is now done by a single Machine. So, unarguably technology has surely bought some disadvantages with it too.

If we look for an example to understand this whole scenario, we can go with the company is discussion, Tesla. Tesla and automobile sector has surely bought numerous benefits with it with new technology. Introduction of electric vehicles by tesla has reduced the running cost for the vehicles. (Gammon, 2018) Use of new innovations in their cars Tesla has make the car ride experience more comforting and entertaining.

But these electric cars are of no benefit for the developing countries as they don’t even have enough electricity for their households so how can they spend it on charging their cars. And as tesla has relied on website to attract customers so one can’t visit Tesla’s dealership as there isn’t one (Fortuna, 2020)

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科技带来了数以千计的新职业选择。要利用这些选项,您必须学习与过去相比提高识字率的新技能。此外,数字化时代还购买了媒体和广告,以便客户了解所有可用选项(欧洲中央银行,2018 年)。这也促使公司更加努力地工作以满足客户。

但正如你所知,每一个闪亮的一面也有更黑暗的一面,所以这个理论数字化也有一些与之相关的缺点。它威胁到您的安全和隐私,因为您的信息比过去更容易获得。 (古德曼,2021 年)这种容易获得的信息会邀请许多不道德的人窃取并滥用这些信息。

人们还争辩说,它并没有拉近人们的距离,而是拉开了他们之间的距离。我们不像过去那样与他人见面。此外,随着技术创造了数千个新的就业机会,它也摧毁了数千个(WE 论坛,2021)。最近,数以百万计的劳动力被机器取代。

10 个人的工作现在由一台机器完成。因此,毫无疑问,技术肯定也带来了一些缺点。

如果我们寻找一个例子来理解整个场景,我们可以与公司讨论,特斯拉。特斯拉和汽车行业肯定用新技术为它带来了许多好处。特斯拉推出电动汽车,降低了车辆的运行成本。 (Gammon,2018 年)在他们的汽车中使用新的创新特斯拉使乘车体验更加舒适和有趣。

但是这些电动汽车对发展中国家没有任何好处,因为他们的家庭甚至没有足够的电力,他们怎么能把钱花在给汽车充电上。由于特斯拉依靠网站来吸引客户,因此人们无法访问特斯拉的经销商,因为没有经销商(Fortuna,2020)  数据分析代写


Tesla has set an example that to ensure that your supply chain functions efficiently you have to change with new technology. These technological innovations are beneficial for companies as well as the customers.  And your decision-making process should always be in correlation with the data to make better decisions. But it is also necessary to understand that you can’t achieve all your targets relying on just digitalization and technology.

As it also has some disadvantages associated with it so it so it is important that you use technology efficiently.

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特斯拉树立了榜样,为了确保您的供应链有效运作,您必须通过新技术进行变革。 这些技术创新对公司和客户都有好处。 您的决策过程应始终与数据相关联,以做出更好的决策。 但也有必要了解,仅靠数字化和技术是无法实现所有目标的。


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