教育essay代写 Importance of Research in Coursework-Based


Importance of Research in Coursework-Based Degrees

教育essay代写 Cognitive skills refer to the ability of an individual to not only gain knowledge but to think it through and process it before the

Introduction  教育essay代写

One of the requirements to complete graduate school is to undertake and present research on a given topic. No matter what career one enrolls in, there is always more to learn and the same applies to personal life. Research provides the opportunity to explore the world from different perspectives and increases an understanding of a given subject. According to the Hampshire College (2018), research is a systematic inquiry that involves collecting data, documentation of the information. And analysis and interpretation of the data according to the set guidelines, increasing knowledge in a given field. The world is made up of general knowledge, and therefore the researcher is required to bring a piece of specific knowledge in an area. This essay will discuss the importance of research in coursework-based degrees.

Research expands students' knowledge base in a given field. It is arguable that the main reason for conducting research is to learn more.

Even though research can include a study on an already mentioned topic, there is always more to learn.  Even if the researcher is knowledgeable in the field (Maxwell, 2021). This is also including the aspect that most subjects are related so doing research in another definitely touches other areas of the other subjects.

It provides students with the opportunity to explore topics from different perspectives and present their findings logically to the audience. Coursework-based degrees involve a lot of practical work, which makes it necessary to include research to help students build personal experiences. When a student does research, they explore various fields, increasing their knowledge. For instance, when doing research, a student enrolled in business administration will explore different perspectives of business. Which eventually expands their knowledge.  教育essay代写


Research in coursework-based degrees deepens a student's desire to get acquainted with the problems involved in a field of study.

For example, every area of study, such as healthcare, is associated with changing situations that call for the scholars' intervention. It would be impossible or at least challenging for a scholar to solve a problem in the field if they lack the proper acquaintance (Chandra & Shang, 2019).

Research enhances the chances for understanding the scope and design of a professional lot before consequently boosting a student's attitude towards a study and the future of their profession. Besides, one needs to learn the rules applied in a given field before attempting to provide a solution. Thus, research serves the purpose of helping students to understand the rules of a subject while maintaining adequate subject knowledge applicable in resolving any situation of uncertainty with competence.

Skills such as critical and creative thinking are developed from a student's involvement in research.  教育essay代写

The ability to reason, consider things from different perspectives and explain or defend a point are also among the skills developed from a student's involvement in research activities (McLennan, 2019). Those skills play a significant role in helping an individual become a competent future professional researcher. The skills are mainly acquired after a student is left to engage in some research task and is given the responsibility to develop a solution independently. Thus, the research topic, as well as the entire reinforcement needed for the research, depends on the student. They decide to either submit quality work on time or fail to submit anything at all. Eventually, the practice enhances the students’ critical thinking skills and abilities.

Research in coursework-based degrees motivates interest in scientific fields as it is an essential component in developing scientific thinking. It adds to the body of scientific knowledge that is pivotal in propelling the field to move forward (Maxwel,2021). For instance, medicine is a field that calls for intense and up-to-date research from scholars without which solving the emerging modern-day health problems would become a challenge.

Besides, research enables researchers to understand the nuances of prior research to discern any weaknesses and strengths before conducting another research to add to the same field. Similarly, other areas apart from the scientific fields also need up-to-date knowledge that can only be acquired from conducting relevant research. Thus, it is the role of research in coursework-based degrees to produce competent scholars that are well oriented to their fields.  教育essay代写

Research allows room to disapprove lies while defending the truth with relevant and substantial information.

Most of the available scientific facts once existed as a hypothesis before validation. The research skills taught in class enable a researcher to conduct the relevant series of processes to test and prove the validity of their hypothesis or those of other researchers (Maxwel, 2021). Thousands of journals published in various research fields were accepted after fact-checking in case of any bias or wrong information. Other issues include statistical errors and methodological problems that could mislead the public.

For instance, a journalist who depends on his imagination to give fabricated facts could easily provide misleading information. Fortunately, research allows publishers and media houses to distinguish between facts and inaccurate information before it is approved for publication and broadcasting. It is therefore uncommon to find a published journal with false information. All the researchers will always argue out their points using facts.

Curiosity is another concept facilitated by research in coursework-based degrees.  教育essay代写

While adding more new ideas to your knowledge, there is always a need to know more. As a result, one keeps on digging and gathering new knowledge which is significantly influenced by curiosity. In the process, one would never stop growing from the exposure brought by diverse research activities. Besides, studies have associated curiosity with better health conditions including higher levels of positivity and satisfaction and minimal anxiety (McLennan, 2019).

Conversely, people who are less equipped with research skills have a lower level of curiosity that translates to lower levels of life satisfaction since they have no adequate exposure. One problem can lead a research in various fields. For instance, the Covid-19 pandemic gave rise to research on ways of healthcare. Additionally, the pandemic has led to research on some strategies that businesses can use to survive.

Another importance of research is that it is a means to find, assess and seize opportunities.

Through research, people can nurture their potential and enhance their chances of securing various opportunities, including employment, scholarship awards, project funds, or even a grant for business collaboration (Chandra & Shang, 2019). As much as solving some social problems in society is of the essence, not all organizations are comfortable funding projects that do not relate to their mission and objectives. Thus, conducting relevant research regarding the available agencies is imperative to gauge their suitability in funding a given advocacy program and community projects.  教育essay代写

Besides, an agency is likely to accept a grant proposal that is well researched and includes some innovative strategies to address the social issue at hand. Otherwise, improperly conducted research is likely to be rejected and eventually lead to the loss of a funding opportunity.

Moreover, research plays a vital role in building a person's credibility. According to Holmes (2008), people tend to attach more credibility to the information from an informed person. Conducting thorough research equips one with the knowledge and facts regarding a given topic before articulating it to the audience. Besides, the research skills taught in coursework-based degrees help an individual distinguish between credible and incredible sources of information. The internet, for example, entails a range of information, some of which is based on personal opinions without relevant facts and figures to defend the statements. Researchers should only use credible sources to support their ideas to the people. As a result, it becomes difficult for the audience to spot loopholes in the information.

Research work in coursework-based degrees also enhances the development of cognitive skills applicable both in the classroom and outside the class.  教育essay代写

Cognitive skills refer to the ability of an individual to not only gain knowledge but to think it through and process it before the presentation (Ruchina et al., 2015). Besides, cognitive skills allow one to relate new information with previously taught information to make meaningful connections and conclusions. Furthermore, the skills enable an individual to understand the relationship between cause and effect before making any bad decisions or giving in to bad influences such as peer pressure (Ruchina et al., 2015). For instance, the application of cognitive skills allows one to realize that wasting time on video games instead of attending school assignments will likely lead to poor performance. Thus, conducting research enhances and develops the abilities of the mind to understand the connection between ideas and eventually improve the critical skills of a student before making a decision or coming to a conclusion.

Research is an essential tool for business success given that critical decisions cannot be made without adequate and accurate information. Companies dealing with a larger consumer base and facing high levels of competition invest a significant amount of resources in research and development aimed at improving the quality of products and services (Wolgemuth et al., 2014). For, instance, research is needed to understand the needs of customers before employing any marketing strategy.  教育essay代写

There are also many companies such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture and aviation that engage intense scientific and engineering activities in their processes. Those processes require great skills and expertise in research without which it becomes impossible to implement various strategies or even achieve the goals of an organization effectively. Fortunately, coursework-based degrees equip students with relevant research skills enough to conduct research in an intense environment like those companies and industries. Besides, the research conducted in those industries is critical to the growth of a country’s economy.

Finally, research is essential in the awareness of the people regarding various societal issues.

Issues such as climate change, racism and gender-based violence could be challenging to prove to people without substantial research facts and figures (McLennan, 2019). The facts are essential in raising public awareness, especially when mitigation strategies depend on the people. Otherwise, it becomes challenging to convince a person about the rapid deterioration of climatic conditions caused by human activities without providing relevant research facts. Upon raising awareness regarding a particular issue. It is easier to draft and execute effective resolutions to counter any adverse outcomes associated with the given issue. Thus, research plays a pivotal role in convincing the public about what is happening in society.  教育essay代写

In conclusion, research is fundamental in bringing specific knowledge about a subject other than the apparent general knowledge. In the process of researching various subjects, a range of other advantages come in handy. Some of those benefits include expanding a student's knowledge base, deepening a student's desire to get acquainted with the problems involved in a given field of study, and developing skills such as critical thinking, cognitive skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Other benefits associated with research are that it allows researchers to add to the body of scientific knowledge, disapprove lies while supporting the truth, secure opportunities, build individual credibility and raise awareness in society. Thus, research activities form an essential component of coursework-based degrees and should be encouraged in every other program. There is an endless list of benefits associated with the activities.

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