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以前在paperdaixie.comblog曾谈及Essay文章代写构造机构(structural organization)在英文写作中是十分关键的。 Structural organization就是指文章内容应包括introduction(前言)、body(supporting paragraphs)(行为主体)和conclusion(结果)三绝大多数;缺乏一切一部分都是会丢分比较严重。三者中,introduction特别是在关键,由于好的introduction会协助学生在markers心里创建一个好印像。因此新一期想与同学们共享要怎么写introduction。

考試题目类型能够很不一样,比如同学们很有可能碰到argumentative essay、discursive essay、cause-and-effect essay或problem-solution essay等;但不管哪样题型,何不应用下列pattern:

  • Background

  • Acknowledging the existence of diverse opinions(不一样建议)

  • Thesis statement

  • Preview of the main points

Sample introduction:Rejecting the construction of an extra theme park

Owing to the recent influx of incoming tourists, the two theme parks have already reached the point of saturation. Observing the chaotic situation, representatives of the tourist industry urged that a new theme park be built to accommodate the ever growing number of tourists. Although an extra theme park no doubt can bring certain economic benefits, I have reservation towards the building of an additional amusement park because of the insufficient land supply, the further influx of overseas tourists, and the potential pollution and destruction of the environment caused by the building of an extra theme park.

提情况 述建议 表观点

所述是典型性的argumentative essay。创作者最先讲下社会背景,即目前的主题游乐园已达饱和状态(saturation);跟随讲出旅游业界的响声,以求表述社会发展不一样建议;随后道出他的观点─对加层另一所主题游乐园有一定的保存的心态。最终表述为什么不赞成加层另一所主题游乐园的缘故。



Please write an introductory paragraph in response to the following question.

In what ways has online communication lowered students' language ability?


Online communication has undoubtedly brought many conveniences to our lives.(Background)While most people state that they cannot live without using any online communication device, others have noted that online communication has shaped our behaviors in a less than desirable way - ie online communication has led to a rapid decline of most people's language ability.(Different opinions)By online communication, it refers to all sorts of online channels, such as Facebook, Wechat, WhatsApp, online forum etc., that youngsters employ to connect with others. Indeed , the proliferation of online communication has retarded, rather than enhanced, our language ability(Thesis statement)in terms of our writing, listening and oral skills.(Preview of main points)


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