essay范文|美国essay写作范例:American high school curriculum

下边paperdaixie.com我为大伙儿梳理一篇essay范文-American high school curriculum,供大伙儿参照学习培训,这篇毕业论文探讨了美国高中的课程内容。美国高中课程内容的服务宗旨是使学员全面的发展,合理配置,充分运用学员的发展潜力,激发学员的主动性、自觉性,塑造学员的专长,激励个性化发展趋势。绝大多数初中设立了百余种课程内容供学员挑选。课程内容分必修课程与选修课程。必修课程规定学员把握必需而有效的综合知识构造,以融入社会发展的基础规定。选修课丰富多彩是美国高中的明显特点。它充足考虑学员的兴趣爱好理想,塑造专业能力,推动个人专长的发展趋势。


The social concept of the United States focuses on self-development,individuality and competition.The curriculum fully reflects this value,students have a large degree of autonomy in learning.The purpose of curriculum setting in American middle schools is to enable students to develop comprehensively,have a wide range of knowledge and a reasonable structure,give full play to students'potential,mobilize their enthusiasm and initiative,cultivate their specialties and encourage their individual development.Most secondary schools offer more than 100 courses for students to choose from.The courses are divided into compulsory courses and elective courses.Compulsory courses require students to master necessary and reasonable subject knowledge structure to adapt to the basic requirements of society.The abundance of elective courses is a prominent feature of American middle schools.It fully meets the interests and aspirations of students,cultivate professional skills,and promote the development of personal expertise.


According to the depth and difficulty,each course offered by the school is divided into several levels,such as basic level,general level,honor level,advanced level,etc.,which are numbered respectively and marked with the course grade for students of different grades and levels to choose.Low level courses are the basic requirements,credits completed to meet the requirements of graduation,high level courses and university connection,learning is recognized by the university.This not only ensures the quality of graduates,but also provides full opportunities for outstanding students with learning potential to further their study in school.


Educational programs,or projects,are also part of the educational programs offered by American high schools.The school allocates part of the total teaching time for students to engage in a wide range of comprehensive education plans and projects.These research plans or projects are often closely related to disciplinary knowledge,and are often interdisciplinary,comprehensive and practical.


Students'extracurricular activities are regarded as an integral part of the educational content.American middle school students have a variety of extracurricular activities,which can be divided into academic activities,recreational activities,sports activities and community activities.Academic subjects include science,mathematics,computers,writing,editing,and debate.There are drama club,choir,band,dance team,photography club,bridge club,future farmers club,young entrepreneurs club;Sports include various school sports teams,cheerleaders,etc.There is a tutor for all kinds of extracurricular activities.American schools regard extracurricular activities as an important way to help students to develop their abilities and adapt to the society,and often carry out assessment,from which students'competitive psychology,sense of responsibility,leadership and interpersonal relationship can be seen.