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Serene Williams Biography

人物传记  Michigan was blessed with a baby girl who would grow up to become an inspiration and sports icon for many. On this date..

On September 26, 1981

Michigan was blessed with a baby girl who would grow up to become an inspiration and sports icon for many. On this date, Serena Williams was born in Saginaw. She was the younger of the two sisters is her family, Venus being the older one. Both sisters were taught and prepared for a career in Tennis by their father since the age of three.

In 1995, she became a professional tennis player, a year after her sister had already started playing. Muscular and strong, she possessed powerful serves which became her strength in defeating opponents, and her superb athleticism allowed her to embark on a journey that would make her the only woman to win 23 Grand Slam Singles,

a record which no other man or woman has accomplished during the open era (Editor’s Encyclopedia, 2018).

译文:1981年9月26日  人物传记

密歇根有一个女婴,她长大后会成为许多人的灵感和体育偶像。 在这一天,塞雷娜·威廉姆斯出生在萨吉诺。 她是两个姐妹中最小的一个,是她的家人,维纳斯是大一个。 两姐妹从三岁起就接受父亲的教育,并为从事网球事业做好了准备。

1995 年,她成为一名职业网球运动员,一年后她的姐姐已经开始打网球。 肌肉发达的她,拥有强大的发球能力成为她战胜对手的强项,超强的运动能力让她踏上了一段让她成为唯一一位获得23个大满贯单打冠军的女性,

在开放时代,没有其他男人或女人完成过的记录(Editor's Encyclopedia, 2018)。


Serena is considered to be the 22nd best female player in the world as stated by the Women’s Tennis Association. Serene Williams, the younger sister of Venus Williams, was thought to be a talented individual, but not more than her sister. While there were many expectations from her sister, people did not expect Serena to claim the title of the US Open in 1999,

but she did (Hattenstone, 2009). She won that title before her elder sister and made a name for herself in the world of tennis. That was the turning point of her life. This marked the change that would eventually take place, as it was the first step in Serena going on to win even more championships.

Numerous times over the years she teamed up with her sister Venus to win the doubles event and received gold medals for it. After several years of inconsistent play, Serena asserted herself in 2002 and won the French Open, the U.S. Open, and Wimbledon, defeating Venus in the finals of each tournament (Roenigk, 2017).

译文:如今  人物传记

根据女子网球协会的说法,塞雷娜被认为是世界上第 22 位最好的女运动员。 维纳斯·威廉姆斯的妹妹瑟琳·威廉姆斯被认为是一个才华横溢的人,但并不比她的姐姐多。 虽然对姐姐寄予了很多期待,但人们没想到小威能在 1999 年夺得美网冠军,

但她做到了(Hattenstone,2009 年)。 她在姐姐之前赢得了这个头衔,并在网球界为自己赢得了名声。 那是她人生的转折点。 这标志着最终会发生的变化,因为这是小威赢得更多冠军的第一步。

多年来,她多次与姐姐维纳斯合作赢得双打比赛并获得金牌。 经过几年不稳定的比赛,小威在 2002 年表现出自己,赢得了法国公开赛、美国公开赛和温布尔登网球公开赛,并在每场比赛的决赛中击败了维纳斯(Roenigk,2017 年)。


In 2003, she went on to win the Australian Open in the year 2003

and eventually went on to win even more championships. Serena became known for her tenacity and aggressive swerves which were powerful and on point, allowing her to win multiple titles, until eventually in 2017, she defeated Venus at the Australian Open, claiming the title of Grand Slam Singles Winner for the 23rd time,

and hence setting a world record (Hattenstone, 2009). With this she surpassed Steffi Graf’s record for the highest wins of the Open era.

Her story is inspiring, for it shows that even in the face of problems and health issues, Serena never gave up, rather she was always working hard and giving her all for the sport. The two sisters became known for their powerful way of playing tennis, and Serena changed the way women tennis was seen, through her plays and tenacity.

There were multiple turning points in Serena William’s life, one of them being the year she decided to go professional, however, when you look at her life closely, winning the US Open was just the start which led her to have a rewarding career.The catalyst that gave birth to that turning point in my opinion is their father,

whose vision and perseverance allowed him to hone the skills of both his daughters; Serena and Venus, and make them into champions. Serena’s success is mainly because her father decided to train her since the age of three (Andrew King, 2018), and her winnings can be attributed to the hard work put in by her father.

译文:2003年,她继续在2003年赢得澳大利亚公开赛    人物传记

并最终赢得了更多的冠军。塞雷娜以其坚韧和激进的转弯而闻名,这让她赢得了多个冠军,直到最终在 2017 年,她在澳大利亚公开赛上击败了维纳斯,第 23 次夺得大满贯单打冠军,

并因此创造了世界纪录(Hattenstone,2009 年)。凭借这一点,她超越了 Steffi Graf 创下的公开赛时代最高胜利纪录。

她的故事很鼓舞人心,因为它表明,即使面对问题和健康问题,Serena 也从未放弃,而是一直在努力工作,为这项运动付出一切。两姐妹以其强大的打网球方式而闻名,而塞雷娜通过她的比赛和坚韧改变了人们看待女子网球的方式。


他的远见和毅力让他磨练了两个女儿的技能;瑟琳娜和维纳斯,让他们成为冠军。 Serena 的成功主要是因为她的父亲从三岁起就决定训练她(Andrew King,2018),而她的胜利可以归功于她父亲的辛勤工作


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